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Beauty Bits: Easy Prep Pony

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Note from the Editors: We could not be more thrilled to introduce you to our new beauty contributors, Erika Delgado and Olivia Smalley! They'll be sharing fabulous hair and makeup tutorials with us as part of our new Beauty Bits column... we know you will ADORE each and every one of 'em.

We're so excited to present you with a simple hair tutorial for any Florida girl during the holiday season! Ponytails, despite popular belief, can be done many ways and can look so glamorous. Breathe life back into the basic pony by adding a tad of tease and curls - this will take your daytime casual look to evening chic and is sure to turn heads during this season's celebrations.


Gather items needed: tease brush, three clear elastic bands, four bobby pins, hard hold hair spray, sea salt spray, dry shampoo, 1 inch curling iron.

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  1. In order to primp your pony, treat your tresses to a cocktail of dry shampoo and sea salt spray. This will create separation while increasing hair volume.
  2. Starting from the highest point of your eyebrows, create a tease box on the top of your head. Back comb into four sections and complete with strong hold hair spray.
  3. Smooth out the top of the teased section and mold hair into a bump. Then, with hair colored bobby pins, create an X to secure the tease.
  4. Divide the rest of your hair into two sections. Place the top half section along with teased part and wrap an elastic around to create your first pony.
  5. Smooth out the sides and the bottom. Then make a second pony beneath the top pony.
  6. Grab both pony tails and wrap the third elastic wrap around both ponytails creating one pony. This will create faux volume, too!
  7. With a 1 inch curling iron, take large sections of your hair and curl them. Gently release and spray.
  8. Finally, take a long strand of hair and wrap it around the pony to create a complete look. Wrap it all the way around and secure the end with another bobby pin towards the bottom of the pony creating another X.

Tip: To add a little more va-va voom, tease and toss the hair with some light hair spray.

And now, the Video!

Let us know if you were able to effortlessly pull off this classic look... it will get you through the season with a breeze.

beauty bits: easy prep pony / hair & makeup: / photo:

Happy Holidays, gorgeous!

Erika Delgado

About Erika Delgado

Erika was born and raised in South Florida. She grew up in an artistic home and was taught to value self-expression, our environment, different cultures and imagination. Her passion for the performing and visual arts led her to become a photographer. Her work is inspired by color, nature, people and romance. When she is not working, she enjoys being outdoors relaxing with her husband and animals, experiencing something new, dancing, traveling, and reading. She is joyful about her life and hopes to give back and learn more each day.

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Photography: Erika Delgado Photography
Hair & Makeup: OMG Artistry
Cinematography: Shaina Koren Cinematography

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