Small Town Engagement: Christie & Nick at Sebastian Inlet

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Being a true Florida native, it brings my heart a lot of joy to see so many couples find happiness in the picturesque state I adore so much. Christie and Nick, along with Caroline Nicole, showed off their love during this e-sesh, quite literally, on the docks that I grew up around. Enjoy this beautiful afternoon with these two at Sebastian Inlet!

From Christie...I think what is so unique about us is that we have been together for so long (OVER 9 YEARS) but we are both okay with it. I remember I had just turned 19 and Nick was 20 years old when we met. I had gone to his 21st birthday party! We had “dated/talked” a couple months before we became boyfriend and girlfriend. And on 4/04/04 he asked me, “What’s our status?” LOL! I will never forget that! That was his way on asking me to be his girlfriend.

Because we had met young, we were able to mature and grow up together and watch each other start our careers. What’s also unique, and people think we are crazy; we do not live with each other yet. I live with my sister in Palm Bay in my house and Nick lives with his parents in Melbourne. I think it is so much more exciting and fulfilling to live together the first time after you get married. We are both really excited for that next chapter in our life!

Nick had a planned proposal for Christie's birthday dinner in Las Vegas. When the staff began singing, "Happy Birthday" while carrying her candlelit cake, another server popped up with a small red box on a plate. According to Christie, "My eyes grew enormous, my smile about stretched off my face and my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest! I knew this was it! FINALLY, after nine years he was going to propose. He grabbed the red box, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said YES!"

From Nick...I love how Christie is very caring and loving towards me. I am very lucky to be with such an intelligent woman. I am very proud of Christie working so hard at her schooling and earning a bachelor degree in nursing and using it in her profession today as an RN. And I think Christie is the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met and I am so lucky I will soon call her my wife.

And from Christie...I like how Nick always puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh. I LOVE how we are so comfortable around each other I can tell him anything! We are best friends. I love how he always takes care of me and tries to make time for me. I love how he does the little things like surprising me at work on his day off bringing me lunch or giving me flowers for no reason at all.

We love to do anything outdoors. Some of our favorite activities are riding bikes together or fishing! We also love going out to different restaurants and trying new food and we also enjoy eating out at Nick’s brother’s restaurant and pizzeria in down town Melbourne.

These two will be getting married in November at the Eau Gallie Yacht Club and are so excited to have all their family join in on the festivities. Congratulations, you two!


Location: Sebastian Inlet | Photography: Caroline Nicole Photography | Submission: Two Bright Lights

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