Surf Inspired Engagement: Kim & Morgan on Cocoa Beach

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After learning that these two were both engineers and surfers, Jordan Weiland knew that she had to get them to the splashing waves of Cocoa Beach for their engagement session. Toy rockets and their surfboards proved to be great accessories that helped capture their essence!

Kim was still attending school in the midwest when she and Morgan first met. They had the same circle of friends and once Morgan taught her how to surf, she was hooked...on the sport and him. There were several years of bouncing back and forth between the beaches and the midwest, spending summers on the waves, and learning how much each had in common before Kim finally landed a job in Florida. Once she settled in, they realized they wanted to be much more than friends and thus began their relationship.

These two love to travel! They've trekked up the beautiful coast of Big Sur and backpacked their way through Norway, Scotland, and Ireland. It only seems natural that Morgan's proposal to Kim was on a seriously cool adventure up north...

From Kim...Earlier this year, we went on vacation in northern Minnesota, to get a dose of winter and snow. The first full day we were there we went on a dog sled ride across a frozen lake. When we were at the far end, we got out of the sled for a few minutes to stretch our legs. After we were instructed how to stand on the sled runners and snow brakes to prevent the dogs from taking off without us, our musher took our camera and got some shots of us with the sled and the dogs. At this point, Morgan bent down with a knee on one snow brake and a foot on the other. He pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him! I had to be very careful not to drop the ring in the snow or let go of the sled! Our musher said we made his year and the dogs rolled in the snow to celebrate!

I think I've surfed in this exact spot a dozen times while growing up near this beach. These two are incredible! They both work at the Kennedy Space Center and have a love for space. They try to watch as many space shuttle and rocket launches as they can. They've even managed to watch a couple while out surfing! Totally rad, right?

Kim also shared that she and Morgan tied the knot just recently! They incorporated red and blue, his and her favorite colors, and stars. She's always had a soft-spot for things that are blue and sparkly; the ocean and the night sky were the inspiration behind her blue diamond engagement ring, after all! So, rather than carry a bouquet of flowers, she held a Moravian glass star filled with netting and blue twinkle lights. Yup, I cannot wait to see that! Congratulations, you two! Thank you for sharing your story with us!


Location: Cocoa Beach | Photography: Jordan Weiland Photography | Submission: Two Bright Lights

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