10 Best Engagement Rings For Nurses

Wearing a ring is a staple part of being engaged, and of course, you’d want to show it off! As a nurse, there can be issues with wearing a large, diamond-studded ring, for example, dealing with patients and lots of chemicals and bodily fluids.

It’s best not to risk damaging your ring and it getting ruined - plus the hygiene issues. Healthcare professionals wear countless pairs of gloves each day, so a giant ring will bear the risk of tearing the gloves and jeopardizing your job standards.

So, if you’re in the market for an engagement ring for your loved one or you’re buying one yourself, look no further than this article to help you with your needs. In this list, we will help list the best engagement rings suitable for nurses and medical professionals to help you make the best choice!

We also provide a pros and cons section for each ring based on customers’ reviews and a buying guide and FAQ section. 


AFFY 1/10 Cttw Taper & Round Cut Diamond Engagement Wedding Stackable Band Ring in 10k Solid Gold Or 925 Sterling Silver (I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity, 0.10 Cttw) Gift For Her

This ring is an excellent, inexpensive choice for an engagement ring. The price is brilliant for an engagement ring and definitely worth it. The ring is thin and can either be 10K yellow, white, rose gold, or plated silver.

The ring has a small, rectangular ‘baguette-cut diamond that does not protrude in the slightest. The solid 10K gold is popular for rings due to the durability and sturdiness of the material. In this way, it’s a brilliant, inexpensive option for your loved one.

Some reviews have gone on to say that the ring is petite, with a delicate look. They have also remarked that the diamond is not too big and is difficult to knock as it’s so small, yet it still looks lovely.

The sterling silver option could be slightly better if you are working with many chemicals, as sterling is somewhat more durable than gold.


  • It’s a delicate and dainty ring, meaning it is great to wear underneath gloves safely as it does not protrude.
  • The ring is sold at a brilliant, inexpensive price.
  • The ring is durable and well made.
  • Conflict-free sourced diamonds.


  • A small number of reviewers stated that the diamond is not shiny.
  • Someone had not received anything in the jewelry box. However, the seller can rectify this.


Dazzlingrock Collection 0.20 cttw Round White Diamond Infinity Crossover Swirl Wedding Band Ring for Women in 10K Solid White Gold, Size 7

This beautiful, twisted-style ring is made out of 10K Gold, with many different color options. It’s a sparkly ring, but it is not too dazzling, so it looks clean and dainty. It is elegant but not over the top.

The style is brilliant for nurses because it is low set and twisted, meaning it is not protruding and can be easily kept clean because of the thin twists and small diamonds.


  • Conflict-free sourced diamonds.
  • Eye-catching diamonds.
  • The twisted look is exquisite and subtle.


  • 10K gold may be a slightly less durable option than something like 14K or 18K gold. However, you’d be unlikely to damage the ring with chemicals if you’re wearing gloves. The gold plating of the ring is much stronger and durable than other metals such as pure silver. For silver to be durable, it needs to be combined with other metals such as copper, meaning sterling silver is durable.
  • Some reviewers have said the stones had fallen out. This is repairable at a jeweler and can be done for around $30. 


Ioka - 14K Solid Yellow Gold Round Cut CZ Twisted 4 Prong Wedding Engagement Ring

This beautiful engagement ring is made of 14k yellow gold and is twisted but with a stunning diamond.

The diamond is cubic zirconia, meaning it’s a synthetically crafted diamond that is highly realistic. Cubic zirconia is a durable and affordable alternative to diamond but has the same shine.

This may benefit people working in medical environments where there’s always a risk of getting your ring damaged or, worse, contaminated. 

The 14k solid gold is an excellent, durable choice because the gold is a higher percentage than 10k rings. Gold is durable, and the twisted ring is more robust than a thinner ring.

The centerpiece diamond is large but is supported and set into the ring’s twist, meaning it does not protrude. This ring has a classical, elegant look and is an attractive choice.


  • Comfortable and lots of flexibility in the sizing.
  • Solid gold rather than gold plated, this means it is durable.


  • The diamond is simulated zirconia.


Kobelli Round Moissanite Bezel Vintage Style Engagement Ring 1 CTW in 14k White Gold, Size 4.5, White Gold

This beautiful bezel-set ring is a favorite for nurses and health care professionals. It’s a popular cut because the diamond is held in place by a metal rim rather than the prongs, which tend to pull apart.

The bezel-set diamond is a lot safer and secure, and there is less chance for anything to become loose. It’s perfect for wearing gloves because the gloves will not have something to attach to and snag against.

This ring is also easier to clean because it is smoother, and nothing is protruding. The ring itself is solid 14k gold, meaning it’s durable and robust. It is a moissanite diamond, which is shiny and smooth.


  • There is little risk of catching the diamond on gloves or materials and scratching something or someone.
  • The diamond is fully secure.
  • It has beautiful delicate embellishments on the band as well as the rounded diamond.


  • This ring is slightly more on the expensive side, but worth it for the quality. 


Brilliant Expressions 10K Yellow Gold 0.05 Cttw Conflict Free Diamond Accented Wedding or Anniversary Band (I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity), Size 6

This gorgeous ring is a 10k gold and is beautifully eye-catching. The ring dips towards the center where the diamonds are and creates a lovely and delicate look. The diamonds are naturally minded, and they look elegant and sleek.

The price is in the mid-range for engagement rings, and this ring has been meticulously hand-crafted for the best lasting quality. The ring’s interior is stamped with a 10k hallmark and carefully crafted by jewelers who ensure that all the diamonds are conflict-free. 

Brilliant Expressions also make sure to use sustainable materials and methods, providing the absolute best quality for you. The natural diamonds are nearly colorless and are embedded in a small line, ensuring they do not poke out too much.


  • Classical look.
  • Conflict-free, genuine diamonds.
  • The 10k gold ring comes in different colors, such as white, yellow, or rose.


  • Some reviewers have stated that the diamonds have gone missing/fallen off. 


Brilliant Expressions 10K Yellow Gold Diamond-Accent Twist Promise Ring, Anniversary Ring or Wedding Band for Women; Promise Rings for Her, Gold Rings for Women (I-J Color, I2 Clarity), Size 7

This is the second ring from Brillaaint Expressions on this list, so this must be saying something! The ring is a twist ring, meaning the band and the diamonds twist around each other for a smooth look.

Similar to the previous ring, it is 10k gold and has small diamonds encrusted around the ring. The diamonds are stunning and sparkly, and this ring is only $20 more than the previous ring!

The rings’ twists are perfect for nurses because the diamonds are smooth and separated by the gold band, meaning they won’t catch on anything or become damaged.


  • Beautiful twists create a smooth and classic ring.
  • Due to the size, there is nothing to catch on the diamonds.
  • Conflict-free sourced diamonds.


  • Some customers have said that the ring is deceiving and the diamonds are tiny for the ring’s price.
  • Another customer inferred that the plating is uneven and not worth the price. 


Tesori & Co 10k Yellow Gold Light Comfort Fit 2mm Wedding Band Size 6.5

This plain gold ring is a staple choice for those who are worried about working in the medical industry with a ring on.

These rings are made from solid 10k gold, with a stamp of authenticity on the inside. They are designed for long-lasting wear and are typically designed as a wedding ring yet used as engagement rings. 

The high-quality finish of the ring ensures the ring will sparkle and they are destined to be durable. It is a plain band ensures that absolutely nothing will catch on gloves, and they are really easy to clean.


  • Inexpensive.
  • The color range is good for a plain ring. It includes white gold,
  • rose gold, and yellow gold. All of these are 10k.


  • One customer’s ring was pitted and not the best quality. 


THELANDA 10k White Gold 2.5mm Petite Twisted Vine Simulated Diamond Ring Wedding Band Matching Ring

This gorgeous 10k white gold ring is beautiful and a statement piece without being large. The ring is handmade using fine gold, and it is durable and sturdy.

The diamonds in the ring are twisted around the band of the ring, which creates a delicate look. There are 24 round brilliant cut simulated diamonds in this ring, and they are the top quality, reflecting the same sparkle that natural diamonds do.

Don’t let this put you off, as the quality of the ring is outstanding. The diamonds and the band are intricately twisted together, and the sturdiness is evident. This ring would be ideal for a nurse as the diamonds run with the band, meaning they won’t catch on anything.


  • Excellent for the price.
  • Simple and dainty.
  • Accurate sizing.


  • Simulated diamond but is highly realistic.
  • One customer stated that the ring bent out of shape within two months with light duties.
  • It can scratch easier than other rings.


Enso Rings Thin Legend Silicone Ring | Made in The USA | an Ultra Comfortable, Breathable, and Safe Silicone Ring (Medusa, 3)

Silicone rings are some of the most flexible and safe rings on the market for medical professionals.

Many surgeons and doctors opt to use these because they are constantly using their hands and need to make sure that their rings don’t pose a risk to patients and hygiene standards. 

Although not the most attractive, silicone rings are often bought as a ‘spare’ ring for people to wear while it’s not practical to wear their normal engagement ring. When changing gloves many times a day, these rings are almost undetectable due to their stretchy material.

They are also perfect for continuous washing of the hands and the usage of chemicals. If you catch your ring - well, you won’t if you have a silicone ring!

They also help protect your fingers if they get stuck because they snap under pressure. This silicone ring by Enso is 1.75mm thick and is durable.

The ring is also flexible, so your finger is comfortable while wearing gloves and using equipment frequently. These rings also come in several fun colors!


  • No risk of damaging you or someone else.
  • No chance of damaging the diamonds.
  • Cheap!


  • Some reviewers have said the edges feel sharp where the silicone has been joined together to create the ring.
  • They aren’t as attractive as diamond rings.


This beautiful ring is made of solid platinum, one of the best metals for durability. It has a highly polished look and has a mirror-like shine.

The ring is slightly curved on the outside, ensuring a good fit for those working with their hands. It’s a minimal ring with no diamonds, but the metal itself is worth it because it is solid and durable. Platinum is almost scratch-resistant and extremely strong.

It’s great for people working in intense medical environments because working with chemicals is hard to damage. It is also straightforward to clean. This ring has a beautiful shine to it and looks like white gold.


  • Extremely strong
  • Dazzling and shiny!
  • Platinum is almost entirely resistant to damage.


  • The ring can rub up against other rings and become slightly damaged. 

Best Engagement Rings For Nurses Buying Guide

Alternatives To Wearing A Ring As A Nurse:

As a medical professional, there are always risks with wearing rings in your profession. However, as long as they don’t pose a risk to others and your safety, rings are acceptable to wear.

Some medical professionals wear silicone rings as listed in this list, as they are resistant to scratching and they are light and comfortable to wear. They are also really easy to clean and great to wear underneath gloves as they are waterproof, so are not affected by sweat and bodily fluids. 

The Best Materials To Look For In A Ring

In terms of metals, anything from 10k gold is durable and a good choice for a ring. Gold is really strong and is resistant to washing your hands. Metals like copper are bad for nurses as they stain your fingers green and are unhygienic.

Platinum is the best metal for rings because it is durable, strong, and resistant to water. It’s incredibly bright, too and can have the appearance of white gold.

The same goes for palladium, which is just as strong and reliable as platinum. However, these materials are hard to come by as they are rare metals compared to gold, and they are really expensive. 

Palladium and platinum rings also tend to be covered in diamonds and are quite bold, which is not ideal for nurses because they need to be somewhat minimal. 

Best Engagement Rings For Nurses - FAQ's

What ring setting is most durable?

The most durable ring setting for nurses is either low-set, diamond bands, or bezel-set. Plain band rings are also durable. Low set rings hold the least risk of snagging gloves or scratching surfaces. They are a good balance between beautiful and practical.

Bezel-set rings are durable because the diamond is set between the metal rather than with prongs. With prongs, there is the risk of them pulling apart and the diamond falling out - which would be bad in any circumstance but definitely in a hospital.

These rings also protect against scratching and catching on things. 

Finally, diamond bands are also good because they are similar to plain wedding bands but diamond-studded. They are durable because the diamonds are set directly to the metal and are thin and practical.

What ring material lasts the longest?

Platinum. Platinum lasts the longest due to its density and chemical properties. It is firm and is almost resistant to scratching. It is, however, the most expensive. Titanium is also reliable; it doesn’t mark or rust easily.

Which metal is the best?

Tungsten, palladium, or platinum are some of the best metals. However, tungsten and palladium are rare, and for this reason, it is costly and not worth the risk of wearing it in medical environments.

Is titanium stronger than platinum?

Titanium is solid and scratch-resistant. It’s more resistant to everyday marks and wears and tear than platinum or palladium.

It’s the strongest metal available and won’t scratch or tarnish, but the issue is it cannot be resized or altered. This is why it is not always a good choice for engagement and wedding rings. The ring cannot be resized to fit the person and it is difficult to repair if damaged.