10 Best Gobo Projector For Weddings

Your wedding should be one of the most magical days of your life, so it makes sense that the lighting should reflect the importance of the occasion.

Many people start their wedding planning journey thinking that they’ll need to hire professional lighting services to achieve the perfect ambiance. However, with the right technology, you can enjoy professional-quality lighting for a fraction of the price and with none of the stress.

Whether you’re hoping to light up your dance floor in dozens of different colors or create tasteful and memorable lighting effects for the ceremony and reception, we recommend investing in a gobo projector.

A gobo is essentially a piece of glass behind which you can imprint an image or colored plate. When this is inserted into a projector and lit from behind, the image is projected onto the desired surface.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to gobo projection, so this piece of technology is the perfect way to ensure that your wedding decor is as unique as you are!

We’ve scoured the online projector market and found the top 10 gobo projectors for weddings: let’s take a look.

Best Overall

CHAUVET DJ EZGOBO Battery-Powered LED Gobo Projector w/Manual Zoom DJ Effect Light,White

The Chauvet DJ EZGOBO Battery-Powered LED Gobo Projector is definitely the best gobo projector for weddings on the market at the moment.

This gobo projector comes with 10 gobo slides included, each of which features a wedding-themed design. Thanks to this feature, you can literally purchase the projector and be ready to light up your wedding venue!

However, if you want to personalize your own designs or choose colors to match your individual theme, you can order some transparency film and create your own slides.

The Chauvet gobo projector comes with a remote, which can be used to switch between slides, change the lighting color, or manually zoom the projection. With all of this control at your fingertips, you can trust that the lighting on your special day will go off without a hitch.

Another great thing about the Chauvet gobo projector is the fact that it’s really easy to set up and use.

The top of the device features a scissor clip, which can be used to attach the projector to a drop ceiling. In the absence of this kind of ceiling, you can secure the unit to a metal surface using the magnetic base.

Because this projector is battery powered, there’s no need to have it plugged in during the event, minimizing the potential for tripping hazards.

However, it’s worth noting that the projections show up best in dark lighting, which means that this might not be the best choice for daytime weddings.


  • Manual zoom - Easily adjustable 
  • 10 gobos included - Wedding-friendly designs 
  • Scissor clip - Easy ceiling attachment 
  • Magnetic base - Non-slip stability 
  • Battery powered - No need for wired connection


  • Requires dark lighting for maximum effects - Not the best daylight ceremonies or receptions

Best for Party Lights

SUNY Stage Party Lights Music Show DJ 128 Combinations Christmas DJ Projector Indoor 5 Lens 3 Color RGB Decoration Light Blue LED Remote Control Stage Lighting Sound Activated Party House Xmas Gifts

If you’re looking for a gobo projector to light up the dancefloor at your wedding reception, we can’t recommend the SUNY Stage Party Gobo Projector highly enough!

SUNY’s Stage Party Gobo Projector comes with 20 gobos which, combined, provide 128 possible lighting and image combinations. The lack of restriction makes setting up your perfect wedding party atmosphere easier than ever.

In addition to the RGB lighting and fun gobo patterns, part of the reason this gobo projector is perfect for party-style wedding receptions is that it has a music mode.

This mode automatically syncs the rhythm of the lighting to the music using the built-in voice sensor, creating a cohesive sound and lighting experience.

However, the music does need to be turned up quite loud for the noise sensor to pick it up, so we recommend testing out the lighting with the music before the event so you can set the right volume from the beginning.

If you’re planning a large wedding in a spacious venue, this gobo projector will easily meet your needs. That’s because the projection can cover an impressive 2500 square feet!

Of course, you (or your designated lighting coordinator!) can adjust the projections at any time using the remote control, which comes included in the package.

We also love that the design of this projector is so compact, so it won’t distract from your carefully selected decor.


  • 20 gobos included - 128 color and image combinations
  • Music mode - Syncs lighting with music 
  • Wide projection - Covers 2500 sqft 
  • Includes remote control - Easy to adjust
  • Compact design - Inconspicuous


  • Music needs to be loud for music mode - Test with music before the event

Best Budget

DragonX Customizable GOBO Logo Projector IP65 Waterproof - Versatile Indoor and Outdoor 10W LED Wall Decoration, Home, Wedding - Ideal for Business Scenes

We all know that putting together a wedding is an expensive process. Part of the reason why we recommend gobo projectors for wedding lighting and decoration is that they tend to cost less than professional lighting services.

If you want to slash your budget as much as possible, check out the DragonX Gobo Light Projector!

This gobo projector features an 8mm high definition lens which ensures high resolution at all times.

The unit can rotate 360 degrees, and you can also adjust the rotation speed and the zoom of each projection manually.

If you’re hoping to create personalized lighting effects for your wedding, such as an image of yourself and your spouse or a design featuring your names, DragonX has your back! The projector comes with 2 empty films, allowing for customization.

For those planning an outdoor wedding, the DragonX Gobo Light Projector is perfect because it’s waterproof and won’t be damaged by the elements.

Unfortunately, the wattage is a little lower than we would like, meaning this isn’t the ideal projector for brightly lit areas.


  • High definition lens - High-resolution
  • 360-degree rotation - Versatile movement 
  • Includes 2 empty films - Customizable 
  • Waterproof - Suitable for outdoor weddings 
  • Affordable - Budget-friendly


  • Low wattage - Not ideal for bright spaces 

Best Premium

HILITING 40W LED GOBO Projector 4800 Lumens Rotating Logo Projector IP65 Waterproof with Remote Including Free Custom Glass GOBO Personalized Logo Projector for Company Bar Wedding Advertising

If you have a little more wiggle room with your wedding budget, the Hilting LED Logo Gobo Projector is a great option.

Unlike some of the other gobo projectors on our list, you’ll have no issues with the brightness of this projector. The 40 Watt LED light ensures clear projection for up to 60 feet.

Because the Hilting projector is made of aluminum alloy and is built to be completely watertight, it’s weather-resistant and suitable for use outdoors.

Using the remote control provided, it’s easy to adjust the lighting levels and the rotation for the perfect effect.

What’s really amazing about this gobo projector, though, is that Hilting will create a customized gobo featuring your personal design as part of the cost of the projector.

These designs can only feature a single color, otherwise, an additional charge will be added to your order. However, the quality of the designs more than makes up for the lack of multiple colors.

Mounting hardware is also provided so that you can attach your gobo projector to the most convenient spot for hands-free operation.


  • 40 Watt LED - Bright lighting
  • Aluminum alloy construction - Weather-resistant 
  • Comes with remote control - Adjust rotation and light
  • Customized gobo included - Professional execution of your design
  • Mounting hardware provided - Easy installation


  • Single-color designs only - Additional charge for multiple colors 

Highly Commended

INSTAGOBO 15W LED Custom Image GOBO Light Projector with Static Function Manual Zoom&Focus Customized Gobos for Indoor Use Company Hotel Restaurant Advertising Signs

Our first highly commended gobo projector is the INSTAGOBO Custom Image Gobo Logo Projector.

The INSTAGOBO projector is similar to our previous product in several ways, but it’s more budget-friendly.

Nonetheless, this gobo projector is high-quality. It’s made of aluminum alloy and the construction doesn’t let in any water, so it’s a good choice for outdoor as well as indoor weddings.

With 99.9% light transmittance, you can rely on this projector to produce a high-definition image of your chosen design.

Speaking of designs, INSTAGOBO provides a custom gobo with your unique design printed on it as part of the deal. It ships separately, but the cost is included in the price of the projector.

Because this projector is so small and compact, measuring just 7.08 inches long, it’s easy to more or less conceal it so that it doesn’t interfere with your decorations. You can also adjust the beam angle from 15 to 25 degrees to position your projected design in just the right place.

While the lightbulb should definitely last you the length of your ceremony and/or reception, if you’re planning on using the projector again for other events, you should be aware that the bulb has quite a short lifespan and may need replacing.


  • Aluminum alloy - Waterproof
  • 99.9% light transmittance - High definition image
  • Custom gobo included - Unique wedding design
  • Compact design - Not visually distracting 
  • Adjustable beam angle - From 15 to 25 degrees


  • Lightbulb has short lifespan - May need replacing if used repeatedly 


SUNY Mini Portable Cordless DJ Lights Rechargeable RG Aurora Patterns Gobo Projector Sound Activated Music Disco Party Lights for Outdoor Travel Camping Disco Live Show Home Dance Holiday Birthday

Another gobo projector from SUNY, this projector will be perfect for ethereal and colorful wedding themes!

This is a compact and lightweight projector made of aerometal, which means it’s also durable and wear-resistant. Even after your big day, you’ll be able to take this gobo projector with you anywhere you like and trust that it will last you for years.

The really appealing thing about the SUNY Aurora Patterns Gobo Projector is the fact that it produces beautiful aurora projections in red and green, which will definitely brighten up the dancefloor at your reception.

SUNY’s aurora projections are connected to a voice activation system in the projector, which allows the speed and movement of the effect to sync up with music playing at the venue.

Alternatively, you can also use the remote control provided to change the effect style and speed whenever you like.

Our only qualm with this projector is the fact that the battery life is quite short, so the unit needs to be recharged frequently.

This is obviously not ideal for long events like weddings, so you’ll probably need to find a convenient place to set up the projector where you can keep it plugged in.


  • Very compact - Portable and discreet 
  • Aerometal construction - Highly durable
  • Multicolored aurora patterns - Breathtaking aesthetics
  • Voice activation - Music synchronization
  • Remote control included - Change effects and speed


  • Short battery life - Needs frequent recharging 



This Pinpoint Gobo Color Projector from ADJ Products is perfect if you want to choose from a selection of a few simple, tasteful lighting designs to enhance your wedding decor without too much fuss.

The ADJ projector comes with 4 gobos included, each of which features a different pattern, from stars to swirling hearts. You can adjust all the projections in terms of size using the manual focus feature.

Thanks to the 10-Watt LED light bulb, which has a long life of 50,000 hours, the designs appear bright and clear, even from a fair distance away.

ADJ Products’ Pinpoint Gobo Color Projector features both magnetic and clip brackets, making installation as simple as possible. Either clip the projector onto a drop ceiling or attach it to a metal surface using the magnet.

This projector also has an energy-saving mode, which can boost the battery life from 5 to 18 hours. However, this feature is unfortunately only available when you purchase the remote, which is sold separately.


  • 10-Watt LED light - Bright and clear 
  • 4 gobos included - 4 different designs 
  • Manual focus - Adjustable 
  • Energy-saving mode - Up to 18 hours battery life 
  • Clip and magnetic brackets - Easy installation


  • Remote sold separately - Additional purchase required for energy saving 


Logobos 20W LED GOBO Logo Projector Stage Effect Light Static Manual Zoom Custom GOBO for Hotel Wedding Company Bar

If you’d like to design your own light projection for your wedding day and have it recreated by professionals in the field, the Logobos LED Gobo Logo Projector could be exactly what you’re looking for.

The LED light inside this projector is impressively bright, rated at 1600 lumens. That means that no matter what the lighting conditions of your venue are like, you’ll be able to see your gobo projections easily.

Logobos provides a free, customized gobo with the cost of the projector, so you can create a meaningful and personal design to project on your special day. However, these designs need to be single-color and not multicolor.

The projection angle range for this projector is 0 to 90 degrees, so you have plenty of flexibility when it comes to positioning.

Plus, the Logobos projector is made of aluminum alloy, put together in a way that ensures total watertightness. That means you can safely use it for an outdoor wedding.


  • 1600 lumens - Optimal brightness 
  • Free customized gobo - Personalized design
  • 0 to 90-degree range - Flexible positioning
  • Aluminum alloy construction - Durable and watertight


  • Single-color designs only - No multicolor gobos 


YKGOBO LED Logo GOBO Projector with Manual Zoom DJ Effect Light Including Free Custom Glass GOBO to Project Image for Hotel Company Store Wedding Advertising Indoor Use (WHITE)

YKGOBO’s LED Logo Gobo Projector will provide you with professional-grade lighting for your wedding day.

The lens inside this projector is made of high-definition glass, so the quality of the lighting is really impressive.

Additionally, the projector delivers a far-reaching projection range of up to 23 feet and no less than 17 feet, even in poor lighting conditions.

Because the YKGOBO projector is made of aluminum alloy, it’s lightweight (making it portable) as well as resistant to impact and wear. However, it isn’t waterproof, so it’s not suitable for an outdoor wedding unless there is a reliable shelter provided.

With your purchase of this gobo projector, you can receive one free one-color gobo to fit with your wedding’s color scheme.


  • High-definition glass - Excellent quality 
  • 23-foot projection range - Far-reaching 
  • Free one-color gobo - Match your lighting to your color scheme
  • Aluminum alloy - Wear-resistant


  • Not waterproof - For indoor or sheltered use only 


U`King Stage Lights Moving Head Lights 8 Gobos 8 Colors 11 Channels 25W Spotlights DMX 512 with Sound Activated for Wedding DJ Party Stage Lighting 2PCS

Finally, we come to the U King Stage Lights Gobo Projector, which is perfect for creating the ultimate party experience at the end of your reception.

This projector features RGBW lighting, so you can enjoy multicolored lighting effects for a vibrant atmosphere.

There are also several lighting modes to take advantage of, including, but not limited to, the automatic mode, the voice-activated or music mode, and strobe lighting.

Unfortunately, because this projector does not come with a remote control, these modes can only be selected and activated manually, so you will need somebody to take charge of the lighting station.

However, the upsides are that this is a lightweight and compact projector that isn’t difficult to maneuver, and it’s also really easy to install using the included mounting bracket.


  • RGBW lighting - Multicolored 
  • Multiple lighting modes - Automatic, music, strobe, and more 
  • Compact and lightweight - Portable 
  • Includes mounting bracket - Easy installation


  • No remote control - Manual adjustment only 

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed perusing our selection of the best gobo projectors for weddings!

Remember, before you make your final decision, keep an eye out for deals such as free customized gobos. These will help to make your wedding decor and lighting more personal to you which, ultimately, is what this day is all about!