10 Best Fabric for Wedding Arch

An arch is a beautiful centerpiece to incorporate into both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies.

If you’re planning to get married under an arch, then, of course, you’ll want to make sure that it looks perfect. After all, your wedding arch will feature in all your wedding pictures - not to mention your memories of your big day!

One of the key elements to creating a gorgeous wedding arch is the fabric. A piece of fabric artfully draped over a wedding arch can truly make or break the overall look, so this isn’t a decision to make lightly.

Luckily, we’ve done all the research into the best fabrics for wedding arches, so you don’t have to! Keep reading to find out which top 10 fabrics you should consider for your wedding arch. 


Chiffon is probably the most popular fabric for wedding arches. This fabric resembles a light, floaty gauze and could be compared to tissue paper - but much more sophisticated.

The lightweight weave of chiffon fibers creates a subtle shimmer in the right light, lending your wedding arch a romantic feel. It’s also quite affordable, so it fits in with most wedding budgets.


White Chiffon Fabric 60' Wide (30ft) 10 Yards One Continuous Piece, Premium Polyester Perfect for Wedding Decor, Party & Event Decor, Draping Panels & Dresses

New Star Fabrics offers chiffon fabric in lengths of 10 yards. For context, the average-sized wedding arch will require just under 8 yards of fabric for decoration, so this is plenty to work with and should still be fine if your arch is larger than average.

This chiffon fabric is made of 100% polyester, so although it’s not super high-end slik-based chiffon, it has the benefit of being extra lightweight and budget-friendly while still looking like the real deal.

New Star Fabrics’ chiffon material is quite resistant to creasing, so you won’t have to worry about crumpled fabric ruining your wedding pictures. Plus, because the material is slightly elasticated, it’s also relatively resistant to tearing. This is a huge bonus if your wedding arch will be made of a splinter-prone material such as wood.

However, some buyers have reported fraying at the edges of the fabric, so it might be a good idea to get someone to hem the edges before the big day.


  • 100% polyester - Lightweight and budget-friendly
  • 10-yard length - Enough for the average wedding arch
  • Fair crease resistance - Looks good in pictures 
  • Elastic - Quite tear-resistant


  • Some reports of frayed edges - May need hemming 


Many couples choose organza as the fabric for their wedding arch, and we think it’s an excellent choice!

Organza is very similar to chiffon in terms of appearance, delivering the same romantic, princess-like feel, but it’s a more high-quality option because it’s made from pure silk. 


Crystal Organza Tulle Sheer Fabric Backdrop Curtains for Wedding Baby Shower Birthday Party Event Decor, 19” by 30 Yard (White)

We absolutely love this Crystal Organza Fabric Backdrop from Anteer as a wedding arch decoration.

This chiffon fabric comes in the classic white and ivory wedding colors, but for more adventurous color schemes, there are 11 other color options to choose from, including black, rose pink, light blue, fluorescent green, and more.

Please bear in mind, however, that photographs are not always an accurate representation of color, so this fabric might be a gamble if you have your heart set on a very specific shade.

The fibers used to make this organza material are polyester, so even though it’s a very sheer fabric, it’s durable as well as affordable.

While classic organza fabric typically has a slight sheen to it, Anteer has added even more of a shine to the Crystal Organza for an extra luxurious feel.

Another bonus of choosing the Anteer organza fabric for your wedding arch is that it comes in lengths of 30 yards, which is more than enough to decorate the average wedding arch several times over. If your wedding arch is particularly large and you need extra fabric to play with, this is the obvious choice.


  • 13 color options - Fits with various color schemes 
  • Polyester fibers - Durable and affordable 
  • Extra sheen - Looks and feels luxurious
  • 30-yard length - Suitable for extra-large archways


  • Some color inconsistencies - Exact shades may differ slightly from photographs


If you want your wedding arch to reflect the light with a smooth, glossy sheen, satin might be the fabric for you.

Satin can be made of silk if you have the budget, but you can also find cuts of satin made from nylon or polyester fibers, so this is a versatile material in terms of cost. No matter which type of satin you go for, you can depend on your wedding arch making a lasting impression!


VDS White Satin Fabric, 5 Yards Continuous, 45” Wide, Wedding Party Decoration Charmeuse Silky Sateen Bridal Dress DIY Crafts Fashion Scarf Costumes Lining Sewing Backdrop Arch Cloth

This Satin Fabric from VDS comes in an incredible range of 41 different colors! Of course, you have your bridal white, and other traditional wedding colors like silver, but there’s something to match virtually any color scheme, from peaches and pinks to blues and greens.

Unlike traditional satin, which is made of silk, the VDS fabric is made from polyester fibers. In addition to being more budget-friendly than silk-based satin, it’s highly durable and also resistant to staining! This will definitely take some pressure off if any accidents happen in the run-up to the big day.

The lustrous sheen on the top layer of the VDS Satin Fabric means polyester has never looked so good!

You can get this fabric in lengths of 5 to 100 yards, so no matter how small or large your wedding arch is, you’ll have no trouble finding the appropriate length.

If you do need to cut the fabric to size, however, you will need to hem the edges to prevent them from unravelling.


  • 41 color options - Matches almost any theme
  • Lustrous finish - High-end appearance 
  • Polyester fabric - Durable and stain-resistant
  • Available in 5 to 100 yards - For arches of all sizes


  • Unravels slightly when cut - Hemming is required


If you’ve been dreaming of a very dreamy, delicate-looking wedding arch, we recommend gossamer fabric.

Gossamer is somewhat similar to chiffon and organza, but it’s even lighter. It’s so thin and wispy, it’s often compared to cobwebs, but much prettier. 


White Gossamer Roll - Drapery Sheer Fabric - Draping Fabric - 1 Gossamer Fabric Roll - 100 FT x 3 FT - Prom Decoration & Wedding Decoration - Wedding Arch Draping Fabric - Party Supplies

The White Gossamer Roll by Fun Express will make the perfect decorative fabric for your wedding arch!

This gossamer fabric is super lightweight, so it feels very soft and will make your wedding arch look dreamy and whimsical. The lightness of the fabric also means that it’s easy to drape or hang without worrying about the weight of the material pulling downwards.

Fun Express provides this gossamer material in rolls of 100 feet, so you could have the biggest wedding arch in the world and still have enough fabric to cover it!

Plus, the fact that the fabric is rolled so neatly makes it easy to cut down to your perfect size in a matter of minutes.

However, like all gossamer fabric, this material is extremely delicate and tears very easily, so make sure to be careful when handling it.


  • 100-foot length - Enough for any wedding arch
  • Very lightweight - Soft and easy to hang up
  • Neatly rolled - Easy to cut to size


  • Tears easily - Handle with care


Voile fabric is often used to make curtains, but it truly comes into its own as a material when used to decorate a wedding arch.

Voile is a sheer fabric, known for being super lightweight, although it’s crisper than gossamer, for example. Basically, it provides the perfect middle ground for those who like balance!


NICETOWN Sheer Canopy Bed Curtains Panels 216 - Home Decoration Sheer Voile Scarf Valance for Wedding (1 Panel, W60 x L216, White)

In our opinion, some of the best voile fabric on the market is this Sheer Voile Scarf from Nicetown.

Because this voile fabric is made from polyester, it’s both affordable and resistant to wear and tear despite how lightweight it is. Essentially, you get the best of both worlds from the Nicetown Sheer Voice Scarf.

The lightweight nature of this fabric is perfect for creating the ultimate dreamy wedding arch, and because it isn’t heavy, you don’t need much to secure it in place.

We love that the Nicetown voile comes in 11 different colors, including white, off-white, light gray, coral pink, pool blue, and more! It’s easy to find a color that will complement your wedding theme with this selection.

However, this fabric only comes in lengths of 6 yards, which might not be quite enough for the average wedding arch. If you want to play it safe, we recommend getting the pack of 2.


  • Polyester fibers - Durable and affordable 
  • Sheer and lightweight - Dreamy feel
  • 11 color options - Aesthetically versatile


  • Only 6 yards - 2 lengths may be required 


You might not have heard of charmeuse before, but if you’re a fan of satin materials, this fabric should definitely be on your radar.

Charmeuse is, in essence, a satin fabric, but it’s even shinier than traditional satin. If you want as much shimmer and sparkle as possible on your wedding day, a charmeuse wedding arch is the way to go. 


Satin Fabric | by The Yard | Luxury & Soft | 60' Wide Roll | Silky & Shiny | Decoration, Apparel, Drapery, DIY Crafts (White, 5 Yards)

This Charmeuse Satin Fabric by Barcelonetta is made from 100% polyester fibers, so not only is it quite affordable, but it also has an impressive level of resistance to wear and tear.

We should note, however, that this material is slightly more lightweight than the average charmeuse fabric, and in some lighting, it can look sheerer than expected.

While this fabric does come in 5-yard lengths, this probably won’t be enough to fully decorate a wedding arch. That’s why we recommend opting for the 10-yard length to give yourself enough to drape over a standard-sized arch, plus some extra to work with.

There are 22 colors in Barcelonetta’s range of charmeuse fabrics, including white, ivory, and silver alongside some more vibrant colors like yellow, bubble pink, and burgundy. This really allows you to get creative with your color scheme if you want to.


  • 100% polyester - Wear-resistant
  • 10-yard length available - Optimal length
  • Comes in 22 colors - Lots of creative freedom


  • More lightweight than average - Looks slightly sheer in some lighting


Tulle is a popular fabric in many industries, but it’s particularly well known amongst wedding planners. Tulle is a mesh fabric commonly used to make bridal veils, and it can also be used for wedding arches.

The great thing about tulle is that, although it can be made from silk for a higher price point, you can also find cotton, nylon, or rayon tulle materials that are budget-friendly. 


Craft And Party, White Fabric Tulle Roll 54 Inch by 40 Yards (120 ft) Fabric Tulle Bolt for Garden Netting, DIY Tutu Skirt, Wedding and Decoration (White)

Craft And Party makes some of the best tulle on the market for wedding arches.

This Fabric Tulle Bolt consists of 40 yards of material, so you’ll definitely have enough to decorate your wedding arch exactly how you want it.

You can purchase this tulle in 25 different colors, so whether you’ve dreamed of a traditional white wedding or something more eye-catching, you can find it in the range.

Because this tulle has been made using 100% polyester fibers, it’s durable as well as soft and lightweight - you just can’t go wrong!

However, there is a noticeably strong odor when the packaging is opened, so we’d recommend opening it long before the wedding day and allowing it to air out beforehand.


  • 40-yard length - Plenty to work with
  • 25 colors - Suited to all preferences 
  • Polyester material - Soft but durable


  • Strong odor when opened - Allow to air before use

Tobacco Cloth

If you and your spouse-to-be favor simplicity, or are planning a more rustic-themed wedding, tobacco cloth will be right up your alley.

Tobacco cloth is a loosely-woven, airy fabric that resembles cheesecloth. It might not look like much on its own, but paired with flowers or foliage on a wedding arch, it’s one of the most romantic and beautiful choices. 


60 Yards White Tobacco Cloth Natural Cotton Fabric Lightweight for Wedding Decor by JCS

JCS’s White Tobacco Cloth is a simple and elegant choice for your wedding arch.

You’ll love this fabric if your wedding theme is rustic because the lightweight, loose weave gives the material a natural and soft visual feel.

The cloth is made from 100% cotton fiber, meaning it’s durable, weather-resistant, and hypoallergenic as an added bonus.

You can get this fabric in lengths of either 10 or 60 yards, depending on how large your wedding arch will be and how extensively you want to cover it.

However, if candles are a prominent feature in your wedding decor, you might want to give this fabric a miss. It’s quite flammable, so having it near any flames would be dangerous.


  • 100% cotton - Durable and hypoallergenic 
  • 10 and 60-yard lengths - For all arch sizes 
  • Lightweight and loosely woven - Rustic feel


  • Flammable - Not for use near open flames 


Georgette is a similar material to chiffon, but it’s less sheer, so if you’re looking for something a bit more substantial for your wedding arch, it’s worth considering.

This fabric is normally made from silk, but it can also be synthetic, so it’s suitable for all budgets. It’s also very versatile! Georgette is naturally crinkled, but it can also be more sharply pleated depending on your preferences.


Double Georgette Ivory, Fabric by the Yard

If you’re considering georgette for your wedding arch decor, we recommend the Ben Textiles Inc. Double Georgette Fabric.

This is a polyester georgette weave, so it’s very affordable compared to silk-based versions. However, it’s also thicker than the average georgette material, so if you’re looking for something super airy, we recommend opting for gossamer instead.

Something we love about this fabric is that it’s cut to order (by the yard) so you’ll never have too much or too little.

This georgette material is available in 5 colors. For a traditional wedding, we recommend the ivory, but you can also choose from black, yellow, blue, and red if that’s more your style.


  • 100% polyester - Budget-friendly 
  • Cut to order - Receive your ideal length
  • 5 colors available - Ivory, black, red, yellow, and blue


  • Thicker than average - Not as airy as other georgette fabric 


Taffeta is a more unusual choice of fabric for a wedding arch, but it will definitely help your arch to stand out. Traditionally, taffeta is made from silk, but cheaper taffeta fabric can also be made from polyester, acetate, or cuprammonium rayons.

There is a lot of variety in the taffeta you can buy these days, but the most sought-after type of taffeta is crisp and shiny. The sheen of this fabric catches the light beautifully and will surround you in an ethereal glow while you say your vows.


Two Tone Taffeta White, Fabric by the Yard

This Two Tone Taffeta, also from Ben Textiles Inc., is a stunning wedding arch fabric.

Ben Textiles’ taffeta is made from polyester fibers instead of silk, which means that it’s much more durable. However, when it comes to staining, things could get tricky because this fabric is dry clean only.

You can have your fabric cut to order, so you won’t run out of fabric during the decorating process or have a wasteful amount leftover.

This range of colors for this fabric is really exciting, with 28 colors to choose from. Ivory, white, silver, and champagne make for classic wedding decor, but the pink and peach shades are also very romantic.


  • Polyester fibers - Wear-resistant 
  • Cut to order - No waste 
  • 28-color range - Plenty of choice


  • Dry clean only - Difficult to wash