10 Best Glue For Wedding Invitations

If you are planning to make your own wedding invitations then it is important to make sure that you invest in some high-quality glue to help bring your vision together.

Whether you are having a themed wedding or are sticking to a particular color scheme, your wedding invitation will give your friends and family an idea of what to expect from your big day. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you put as much effort into your invitations as possible.

Making sure that you choose a glue that is going to help bring the elements of your invitation together is imperative but looking at all the varieties online can be overwhelming and leave you confused as to which one is going to give the best results.

This is why we have gathered the top ten types of glue for wedding invitations available on the market that you should consider. This way, you’ll be able to garner an idea of what to expect when you make your purchase and you’ll feel fully confident and informed with your decision.

Here are the top ten glue for wedding invitations that you should consider:


Elmer's All Purpose Glue Sticks, Washable, 22 Grams, 3 Count

Our first recommendation is the Elmer's All-Purpose Glue Sticks as they have been made with crafting in mind. These glue sticks bond to a variety of different materials including cardboard, paper, and foam with no problems making them ideal for making wedding invitations. 

This glue is incredibly easy to use and can be washed away with soap and water if needed meaning that you don’t have to feel pressure if you do make a mistake.

It dried colorlessly and quickly so you won’t see the glue even when working with small details and darker colored paper that may show lesser-quality glues.

What makes this glue our top pick is that it is non-toxic as well as acid-free and photo safe meaning that you can work on your wedding invitations with small children around without worrying about their safety.

Aside from wedding invitations, you can also use the glue for various applications around the home and office making it highly versatile. 


Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue - The Original - 4fl oz - Tip Kit Included - Dries Clear - Metal Tip - Wrinkle Resistant - Flexible and Crack Resistant - Strong Hold Adhesive - Made in USA

Our second selection is the Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue which is a clear-drying premium art and craft glue that helps to create a professional look for any kind of craft and can also come in a range of different colored glitter glues as well.

With multiple-sized tips, this glue gives you more choice with your application meaning that you can have better accuracy and freedom when making your wedding invitation.

The precision tips easily twist and snap into place on the bottle making it a versatile choice so whether you are bonding two large pieces together or smaller details, you can work with any kind of aspect of your invitation.

This glue has been made from a high-quality formula that is both wrinkle and clump resistant meaning that the application will always be smooth to minimize any warping.

You can be assured that you won’t be able to see your glue once dried as it is colorless and clear even when working with smaller details on the invitations.

This glue is made in the US meaning that it has passed a variety of different health and safety checks and is guaranteed to last up to a year meaning that it also boasts longevity in its performance as well. 


Tombow 62191 MONO Multi Liquid Glue, 0.88 Ounce, 1-Pack. Multi-Purpose Glue with Dual Tip Dispenser for Precise to Full Coverage Application

Our third choice is the Tombow 62191 MONO Multi Liquid Glue which is fantastic for crafting in particular meaning that it is ideal for making wedding invitations.

This glue is one of the safest options on our list to use as it is completely acid-free meaning that you can use it with young children nearby without worrying.

This glue is also photo-safe and has dual tips which provide better accuracy and precision on the application as well as making it versatile when it comes to the materials that you can use it on.

Whether you are working with paper or cardboard, you’ll be able to make your invitations with ease as this glue will last a long time and its high-quality formula will allow it to dry clear so you won’t see anything even on dark-colored materials.

This glue is washable meaning that you don’t have to worry about making mistakes while also helping you to reduce the amount of mess that occurs with lesser glues.

This glue comes with two different width tips - a pen tip and a broad tip so whether you are working with larger pieces of material or smaller details, you can use the tip that is going to give you the best results without causing a mess. 


Tombow 52180 MONO Aqua Liquid Glue, 1.69 Ounce, 1-Pack. Dual Tip Dispenser for Precise to Full Coverage Application that Dries Clear

Our fourth recommendation is another Tombow option and is their MONO Aqua Liquid Glue which features a dual-tip applicator so whether you want to use the pen tip to apply the glue to smaller embellishments such as sequins or rhinestones or want to write something and place glitter on top or use the broad tip for complete coverage on a larger body of surface, you can make your decision accordingly and have better-looking results thanks to the higher accuracy and precision.

This glue is also safe to use thanks to its acid-free and photo-safe formula which has been engineered without any toxins or other harmful substances. Great for mix-media applications, you can make the perfect wedding invitations to suit your theme or color schemes without worrying about the glue’s performance.

The pinpoint precision means that you can use this glue for all kinds of purposes making it great for those who want to work with delicate materials like glitter thanks to the pin tip which creates a consistent thin line that is still incredibly strong in its bond.

Tombow is a brand that has been relied upon for over 100 years thanks to its premium ingredients and products which make them a leader in the industry.

This glue in particular is one of the safest and most versatile options which makes it ideal for those who are making other wedding projects such as decorations. 


Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer, Glue and Finish for Paper (8-Ounce), CS11236 Matte Finish

Our fifth selection is the Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer which is a convenient and versatile size making it great for those working on a larger project such as creating wedding invitations.

This all-in-one glue, sealer, and finish is an essential addition to your art supplies, especially if you are wanting an adhesive that can be used on a wide variety of materials and surfaces.

The durable acid-free formula is safe to use and free from any toxins and other harmful substances so you don’t have to worry about using it around small children.

The glue has a clear matte finish which preserves the integrity of the materials that you are working on. Even if it is a darker color, you won’t be able to see the glue, even if working with smaller details.

This glue can dry quickly on a variety of different surfaces which means that no matter what materials you are using for your wedding invitations, you don’t have to worry about how the glue will look or perform.

The strong bond as it dries ensures that it will hold the materials together. Easy to clean up, this glue can be wiped away with soap and water. If you make a mistake, simply dab the surface with soap and water and it will rid any trace of the glue.

Made in the US, this glue has passed a series of health and safety regulations to ensure the performance and standard of the product. 


Elmer’s Craft Bond Scrapbook Glue Set, 4 Types of Craft Glue

Our sixth choice is Elmer's CraftBond Scrapbook Glue which has been designed with paper crafts in mind meaning that you can be assured of the quality and performance.

With a variety of different application styles for customized results, you can work with a larger surface area with this glue or use it for smaller details and still experience the best results.

This glue is fantastic as it dried colorlessly which provides a polished look for those who want their wedding invitations to look seamless and elegant.

This glue helps to create a permanent bond between a variety of materials and ensures that your invitation looks well-presented and flawless in design.

This glue set comes with everything you need to create the best-looking projects as you will receive an Extra Strength Glue Stick, Glue Stick Pen, Clear Dual Tip Glue Pen, and Photo Stiks Glue Stick. 


Scotch Quick Drying Tacky Glue, 4 oz., Acid Free and Photo Safe (6052-B)

Our seventh recommendation is the Scotch Quick-Drying Tacky Glue which can be applied quickly and dries clear without causing any running, stringing or another kind of a mess.

This glue is especially strong on hard-to-join materials such as ceramics, leather, metal, and plastic making it ideal for those wanting to use unconventional materials in their wedding invitations.

The fine tip is ideal for those who are making invitations that include smaller details as it will provide the accuracy and precision required without causing any mess and it won’t be visible when it dries.

This glue also comes with a tight-seal cap to help reduce any dry out meaning that it is guaranteed to last even longer.

Great for a variety of different home and office applications, this glue’s versatility is what makes it great for wedding invitations as you can be assured of the strength of the bonding as well as the stellar results which are guaranteed to look seamless and flawless. 


Perfect Paper Adhesive 7.9-Ounce, Matte

Our eighth selection is the US Artquest Perfect Paper Adhesive 7.9-Ounce which has been specifically designed and engineered for paper projects in mind.

This makes it ideal for wedding invitation crafting as you can work with a variety of paper and card-related materials to make the perfect invitation without worrying about any mess.

The glue itself is water-resistance as well as flexible, archival safe, and UV resistant meaning that there is a reduced amount of mess as well as remaining safe to use around small children.

This glue has been made in the US and adheres to the health and safety regulations so you can be assured of the performance and results of the product.

As well as paper, this adhesive can be used on non-oily surfaces such as wood, polymers, and acrylic making it highly versatile.

The smooth and non-sticky consistency makes this glue fun to work with as well as better to apply than other options while the durable and strong bond means that there is no chance of your invitations falling apart when they have dried. 


Scotch Clear Glue in 2-Way Applicator, 1.6 oz, Photo Safe and Non-Toxic (6050)

Our penultimate choice is the Scotch Clear Glue in 2-Way Applicator features two tips - a wide sponge tip and fine precision tip - which is great when making any kind of wedding invitation.

Whether you are gluing two large components together or working with smaller details, this glue is perfect for any aspect of your wedding invitation creation thanks to the controlled application.

The glue itself is both PVC-free and non-toxic which makes it great for working with photographs and other difficult surfaces. It works on a variety of materials including papers, foam, poster boards, cardboard, and card stock.

Scotch Glue has gained a reputation in the industry thanks to their high-quality ingredients which make their products brilliant for all kinds of use.

The precision tips and no-run formulation means that you can work on your wedding invitations with minimal mess so the glue will be applied where you want it only.

The fast-drying aspect makes it convenient so you can work through your project quicker while the results look clean thanks to the clear appearance the glue has when dry. 


Our final recommendation is Elmer's All Multi-Purpose Glue which is particularly great for those working with a variety of different materials.

Bonding together different elements strongly for all your needs, you can use this glue on all sorts of surfaces including porous surfaces such as paper and cloth as well as semi-porous surfaces such as pottery and wood.

This makes it great for all kinds of use beyond wedding invitations meaning that you can rely on the quality and strength of this glue.

What makes this glue so reliable is that it dries strong and clear meaning that it doesn’t matter what material or color you are working with as you won’t be able to see any evidence of the glue.

You can also make adjustments while the glue is drying without causing any mess or disruption to the process.

The glue itself is non-toxic and can be cleaned up easily with soap and water making it suitable to use in a family environment with small children around. The 1.25oz bottle provides plenty of glue for any size wedding so you can make a hundred invitations without running out.