10 Best Shoes For Wedding Photographers

Running around all day snapping beautiful moments at a wedding can be hard and long work for a photographer. Sometimes you’ll spend up to 12 hours taking photos of the happy couple and all their wedding guests throughout the day and you’ll find you’ll feel pooped once you finally sit down.

The key to ensuring you’re most comfortable when working at a wedding is wearing the correct shoes. You’ll want them to be comfortable enough to be able to spend long hours on your feet but you’ll still want them to look fairly smart and professional so your clients think you take your job seriously.

However, as a wedding photographer you’ve probably got expertise in angels and lighting, not shoes and fashion, so you might not know what to look for.

With all our knowledge in this area, we’ve combined a list of the 10 best shoes for wedding photographers for both men and women. 

Shoes For Wedding Photographers Reviews (For Men)

Best Budget

Skechers mens Go Max-athletic Air Mesh Slip on Walking Shoe, Black, 8.5 US

These Skechers were designed for walking so it’s no wonder they managed to obtain the top spot for best wedding photographer shoes for men.

The lack of laces on the design makes them look slightly smarter than your usual sneaker and paired with some smart slacks or even darker trousers, then you may not even notice that they are sneakers.

The slip-on design is also great as you won’t have to worry about your laces coming loose throughout the day.

They’re constructed with lightweight mesh fabric to help your feet breathe when you’re walking around all day but also have a sturdy midsole with memory tension that helps absorb impact for ultimate comfort.

The insole is built with technology for maximum support and cushioning so your feet won’t feel too sore at the end of a long day.


  • Laceless design - No need to worry about laces coming undone
  • Supportive insole - Feet won’t be sore at the end of the day
  • Breathable mesh upper - Won’t develop sweaty feet when rushing around


  • Not waterproof material - Not ideal for wedding photos in the rain


Skechers Men's Cessnock Food Service Shoe, Black, 10 Wide

Here’s another pair of Skechers shoes that make a great pair of wedding photographer shoes. They’re designed for hospitality workers so they’re built to withstand excessive wear and long days without giving you sore feet thanks to the memory foam insole.

They’re equipped with a slip-resistant sole outsole so if you’re shooting outside on a rainy day you won’t have to worry about falling over on dancefloors or in the venue when you return inside.

The rubber sole is very durable and won’t wear down after the first few times you wear them.

The black mesh and the black outsole design is our favorite for weddings as they look smarter and you can barely tell they’re sneakers.

The bungee lacing is more convenient as it’ll allow you to easily put them on and off but it also means you won’t need to tie up your laces if they come loose.


  • Slip-resistant sole - Prevents accidents on wet flooring
  • Memory foam insole - Extremely comfortable all-day wear
  • Rubber outsole - Will last for ages without deteriorating


  • Mesh material is more difficult to clean - Will require cleaning in the washer


Clarks Men's Tilden Cap Oxford Shoe Dark Tan Leather 9.5 W

If you’re a guy who likes to dress smart and always look professional, then these Clarks Tilden Cap Oxford Shoes will be right up your alley.

They’re made of 100% leather and are highly durable, will protect your feet from water and dirt and they’ll also be easy to clean with a wipe afterward, so will require barely any upkeep.

They have a slight 1-inch heel for extra comfort so you don’t feel like you’re walking around barefoot all day. The full-length cushioning will ensure complete underfoot comfort even when you haven’t sat down all day.

The Clark’s shoes are designed with stretch gore panels for a flexible fit, so you won’t have a breaking-in period when you first buy them, preventing blistering or painful feet.

The TPR outsole has a good grip but is also lightweight so your feet won’t feel weighed down.

They come in 3 smart colors, dark tan, black, and wine depending on your style preference.


  • 3 color choices available - All well suited for a wedding
  • Leather material - Durable and easy to clean
  • Stretch gore panels - Flexible fit with no breaking in period


  • Colors look different in real life - Shoes are lighter than what they are in the pictures

Best Casual Shoes

Vans Men's Atwood Trainers, Black (Black/Black Canvas), 10

Vans are always a safe bet for any career that requires you to be standing or walking around all day and they’re also some of the smartest sneakers you can buy too.

The all-black design is ideal for looking inconspicuous or you can choose a selection of the other attractive colorways based upon your style or the theme of the wedding.

The rubber gum soles will be able to help keep your feet firmly on the ground and prevent you from slipping on the dancefloor when trying to get that perfect shot.

The shoes offer good flexibility so you can move and walk in a way that feels natural and comfortable for you whilst still having a sturdy structure that will help be able to endure excess wear.


  • Lots of colorways - Suitable for more smart or casual dressers
  • Good flexibility - Helps you walk naturally and comfortably
  • Rubber gum sole - Prevents slipping on wet dancefloors


  • Don’t offer much arch support - May need additional insoles for this purpose


Dr. Scholl's Shoes Men's Harrington II Work Shoe, Black, 9.5 W US

These work shoes from Dr. Scholls are an ideal choice for a man wanting to look ultra smart in his role as a wedding photographer but also maintain good comfort.

They have a moisture wick lining to help prevent your feet from sweating during intense periods of the wedding and also have memory foam cool fit for added cushioning but still helping your feet remain aired.

They have a durable outsole that will be able to last for years to come before you even consider replacing them.

The leather material holds up well against excessive wear and they’re easy to clean up with a wet wipe or a leather cleaning kit.


  • Moisture wick lining - Prevents feet from getting sweaty
  • Durable outsole - Will last for years
  • Leather material on upper - Durable and easy to clean


  • Insoles can wear down - Additional gel insoles may be recommended after a while

Shoes For Wedding Photographers Reviews (For Women)


Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Madison Slip On Fashion Sneaker, Black/Black, 9 US

Our top choice for women’s shoes for wedding photographers is this pair of Madison sneakers by Dr. Scholl’s. They have a smart but casual design that will help you look professional but overdressing at the wedding.

They are a slip-on fit for extra convenience and designed with a padded collar and twin stretch gore panels for flexibility when putting them on and wearing them so you won’t rub your feet.

They’re equipped with insole technology that offers intense cushioning and comfort ideal for all-day weddings and also has a lightweight construction so you won’t feel like you have to drag your feet after a long day.

The Madison sneakers come in a bunch of attractive designs from more professional styles to more fun and personality-filled colorways to suit your taste.


  • Insole technology - Provides cushioning and comfort for your feet
  • Lots of colors - Suitable for all tastes
  • Slip-on design - So convenient and prevents you from doing laces


  • Regular sizes come up narrow - May be more difficult to find your size

Most Durable

Dr. Martens 8065 Double Strap Mary Jane Black Smooth 4 F(M) UK/ 6 US

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that you’ll probably never have to replace again, then look no further than these Mary Janes from Dr. Martens.

The classic brogue style with buckle is super professional but also retains a feminine style that'll go with dresses and skirts.

The MJ’s are made up of 100% leather and will be able to endure endless 12-hour shoots for the rest of your career without looking tired.

The small platform and heel will add a tiny bit of height but also increased comfort so your feet feel protected.

However, as with every other pair of Dr. Martens, there will be a teething period for the first few times you wear them so it’s best to break them in around the house before wearing them to work.


  • Incredibly durable - May never have to replace them
  • Versatile style - Goes with casual and professional wedding photographers
  • Small heel - Adds a slight height and increases comfort


  • Breaking in period is necessary - Will need to wear them around the house first


Clarks womens Sillian Paz Slip On Loafer, Black Synthetic Nubuck, 9.5 Wide US

These slip-on loafers from Clarks are a great no-fuss option for the lady wedding photographer who needs to be on their feet all day.

They have a basic design that can easily be paired with any outfit depending on the wedding theme and have no laces to fuss over throughout the day.

They have an ortholite footbed for increased comfort and soft cushioning throughout to help each step feel effortless and pain-free, even by the end of the night.

Despite the cushioning, the shoes are super light and will feel like you’re wearing slippers even though you’re capturing a wedding.

Sizing is a bit strange with this pair and most people have sized up to their normal size, so you may need to try two pairs to decide which one is best for you.


  • Slip-on design - Ideal for a fuss-free workday
  • Ortholite footbed - Extra comfort for all-day wear
  • Good arch support - Helps feet feel pain-free come the end of the day


  • The sizing is a bit off - May need to try 2 pairs then return the other

Best Budget

Lugz Womens Sneaker, Black, 7.5 US

As a wedding photographer, you may not want to break the bank on a pair of shoes, after all, purchasing all your photography equipment can set you back for a while. That’s why these Lugz sneakers are a good choice for a budget-friendly option.

The slip-on and basic design are ideal for a photographer who just wants something comfortable but without all the frills to carry out their work during the day.

The padded insole provides extra comfort and absorbs impact when rushing around on your feet and will keep your feet pain-free.

The canvas upper is flexible and will be able to move with every way you position yourself to capture that perfect picture.

They can be worn with smart trousers with no-show socks or even with a smart/casual dress depending on your style.


  • Smart/casual versatility - Can be worn with different outfits
  • Flexible upper - Bends and flexes with the position of your foot
  • Padded insole - Provides extra comfort and absorbs impact


  • Not the most durable option - Quality may diminish after a few months


Franco Sarto Womens Carolynn Lug Sole Loafer with Tassel Detail, Black, 10 M

We love these Franco Sarto loafers for a wedding photographer shoe but also think they’ll fit the job as an everyday shoe for a woman.

The patented leather upper is sturdy but not durable enough to withstand some scratches after time, so you may need to take some care when walking on stones.

They have a built-up platform and heel to provide extra height and also some additional cushioning for all-day comfort.

They come in 5 colorways depending on the style you’d like to go for, with burgundy and black being some of our favorites.

The padded footbed will ensure your feet feel comfortable regardless of how long the wedding goes on for and the flexible sole will also bend as you crouch or go on your tippy-toes to get the right shot.


  • 5 colors - Lots of versatility for various styles
  • Platform and heel - Extra height and additional cushioning
  • Sturdy yet flexible sole - Durable but allows you to get into positions for all the right shots


  • Material is not the most breathable - Feet will get sweaty

Best Shoes For Wedding Photographers Buying Guide


What shoe style you’d like to go for as your shoes for being a wedding photographer is completely up to you. If you’ve got a laidback and casual style and you don’t feel comfortable dressing super smart, then wear more casual shoes like sneakers or boat shoes, but just make sure to check with the couple that they’re happy with your casual dress style.

For a more professional look that will help you blend in with the wedding guests, wear brogues or leather shoes that look smart.


Choose good quality shoes that will stay in great condition for numerous weddings to come and won’t fall apart after the first hurdle. Good quality shoes can be expensive, so you’ll want to make sure they’re durable enough to get your money's worth.


Comfortability is the key thing we look for when finding shoes for wedding photographers as they’ll be spending all day on their feet and will need shoes that don’t leave you with aching or blistered feet by the end of the day.

If your feet are hurting only a couple of hours into the wedding then chances are you won’t be able to present your best and happiest self to get the most of your subjects in the photo.


If you’re going to carry around your equipment with you everywhere and will have your hands full with an expensive camera, then you don’t want to be doing your laces up every 5 minutes when they come undone.

It would be more convenient to seek out laceless shoes that are easy to slip on and then require no-fuss throughout the entire day.


Leather shoes are the best option as they’ll retain their quality much better and they’re easy to wipe down to clean them, whereas canvas or sneaker material is more difficult as they can quickly get stained and will need a wash in the washing machine to get clean again.

As a wedding photographer, you may be outside taking photos for a large portion of the day and there’s probably a good chance your shoes will get dirty. So for easy cleaning, go for leather.

However, canvas shoes are more breathable and better for weather on extremely hot days when you’re running around and getting sweaty as it’ll prevent the shoes from getting too gross.


What shoes do wedding photographers wear?

Wedding photographers wear smart casual shoes or sneakers when they’re working at a wedding, especially ones that are super comfortable and supportive of their feet.

If they’ll be shooting outside then they may choose to wear leather or more protective footwear that’ll prevent the shoes from getting wet or ruined. Normally shoes will be brown, black, or grey colors but this is at the discretion of the photographer.

Can I wear jeans as a wedding photographer?

The most common vibe that wedding photographers go for a wedding is smart casual, so if you’re planning on wearing jeans then you may want to style them with a shirt, so you blend into the wedding party and also remain respectful to the couple getting married.

You may be able to get away with wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but if you want to keep it professional we’d recommend against wearing t-shirts or more casual tops.