10 Best Whiskey For Wedding

So you’re gonna have a wedding with a bit of class? That’s a great idea. Weddings deserve a bit of class. After all, it’s once in a lifetime to toast the love of your life and the commitment you’re about to declare to one another.

Your friends and family are all around you. But, what drink are we going to have?

Finding the best whiskey can be a real stress. All the prices, all the different kinds. What should I go for? I don’t even understand whiskey!

Chill out and pour a glass. We’re gonna give you a helpful guide with some handy tips to buying a whiskey that is perfect for the greatest day of your life. 


Glenmorangie The Original 10 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky , 750mL, 86 proof

Ah yes, let’s kick off this list with a fine whisky.

From the Highlands of Scotland, this perfectly crafted whisky is an ideal wedding refreshment. Having been settled in a good old American, white, bourbon cask for a decade - it has waited long enough to be tasted and enjoyed!

Originally founded nearly two centuries ago, this Scotch has gained fame for soaking in a variety of flavors, ranging from peaches to honey and some hints of vanilla. It really does need to be tried! Why not top off your day by enjoying a Glenmorangie with an ice cube or neat!


  • Great taste
  • An authentic scotch, perfect for a classy wedding
  • Can be used in a variety of ways like a Scotch coffee (after the wedding meal maybe?)
  • Ideal for the price


  • If you like a more peat tasting whisky, this isn’t the best choice. However, it is still enjoyable!


Is it value for money?

This whisky is pretty inexpensive if you’re spending a boat load on the wedding. Plus, it has a unique taste which is always worth paying the extra buck for!

Why have you spelled it whisky? Isn’t it whiskey?

Glenmorangie is a Scotch. To be considered as a Scotch, it must have been casked for at least three years.

Additionally, without the E - it is from Scotland (opposed to whiskey which is generally Irish, American etc.) AND Canada make sure they mature their whisky for 3 years - meaning they can spell it “whisky” too! Fun fact: the Gaelic translation of whisky means “water of life.”


FOUR ROSES Bourbon 80 Proof, 750 ml

A taste of America next with an award winning Kentucky bourbon.

With the interesting blend of sweet fruits and spices, it differs wildly from a Scotch.

If you’re hoping to have a more sweet whiskey that goes down the hatch like a fruit drink - you’ve got the right one here! AND it benefits from a more wedding-relatable name. Imagine having Four Roses on a wedding table surrounded by four roses!


  • A great whiskey at a great price!
  • It’s a good starter whiskey for those whose palates have not become accustomed to it
  • Great name for the wedding!


  • Some have likened it to a Jack Daniels but that is debatable.


What is the best way to drink this?

This is entirely up to you! Some people love to enjoy it the way it was intended. Some like to add an ice cube or two whereas some people would prefer mixing it with a soft drink. If you’re thinking of adding soda, it’s best to mix in a ginger ale or orange soda. 


Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, 750 mL, 90 Proof

Sticking with the States, we’ve got another award winning whiskey here. In fact, it has continually won awards… a whole lot of them!

A taste that is packed with different flavors and aromas. One minute you’re enjoying a hint of mint - then bam! A new toffee flavor comes into play. For a wedding, it can compliment an array of different foods and treats that you’ll almost certainly be consuming!


  • Hugely flavoursome
  • Compliments wedding food with such variety
  • Good whiskey to mix in to cocktails


  • Some say it is a bit sharp for their palate - but there are sweeter whiskeys from Buffalo Trace


If it is so complex, can a beginner start on it?

Sure! In fact, some recommend starting with it.

Are there other types of Buffalo Trace?

There sure are! Why not go for their single barrel too!


Macallan Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky 12 Year, 750 ml, 86 Proof

We’re back in the Highlands of Scotland now, with a beautiful crafted single malt whisky.

This one is a sweet tasting drink with a less smoky aftertaste. It is known for being an influence in the creation of some American whiskeys with a long history of providing a great tasting, smooth and steady experience.

If your wedding is going to have a cultural influence, this is an ideal choice. Maybe you’re going for a theme? Whatever you’re hitting for - this whisky can really get things going.


  • Another authentic Scotch with a long history and cultural influences
  • Flavors of all kinds, really sweet.


  • Doesn’t have that smoky flavor that some whisky drinkers look for.


Is this an ideal wedding gift?

Yep! The box is beautifully designed and hints at history and future - that’s what a wedding is all about right?

What kind of cask is it matured in?

It has been matured in a sherry cask. Those sorts of flavors bring themselves out when you’re sipping one down! 


Bushmill's Irish Whiskey, 750mL, 80 Proof

Moving over to our Irish connections now. This whiskey was first made in the 17th century and has certainly stood the test of time.

This is a blend of single malt and light grain whiskey with a fantastic taste. Incredibly light with a sweet aroma and a taste of a honey-type finish. Some would call this the real whiskey experience.


  • Versatile
  • Has a great taste
  • Great for themed weddings


  • Some people prefer Scotch or bourbon to an Irish whiskey. That’s just personal preference!


Can I mix this with something?

Sure can. It is best enjoyed neat though for the best results.

What ways can I incorporate this into my wedding?

If you’re thinking of a themed wedding, a calm wedding or even having it around St Patricks Day - you’re in safe hands with this one. It’s also perfect as a gift! 


Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey, 750 mL, 80 Proof

Keeping it in Ireland - Tullamore has a more modest two-century old history!

It is triple distilled whiskey with a blend of malt, Irish Pot and grain. Trust us, this has a very unique character. It has a fruity overtone to it with subtlety to its other mix of flavors.


  • Unique blend
  • Authentic Irish Whiskey
  • Winner of international awards in Irish whiskeys


  • Difficult to pin-point if you would prefer it with or without a mixer


Is this the best Irish Whiskey?

Woah! That’s a difficult question. It’s certainly up there though! Worth trying and finding out.

What is the best way to drink it?

You know what - this one is best consumed in a coffee or mixed with a soda. The unique blend is perfected when added to something to take the edge off! Having said that, everyone is different and you might opt to drink it as it comes! 


Monkey Shoulder Monkey Shoulder Malt Blended Scotch, 750Ml, 86 Proof, 750 ml

An interestingly named whisky - but don’t let that put you off! It’s a fantastic choice.

Incredibly basic and with a taste that is relatable to almost any palate - this is a great choice for anyone who is wondering if they’ll enjoy whisky. A wise decision if you plan to share at the wedding!


  • A universally enjoyed whisky
  • Perfect for mixing


  • It’s not the best as a neat drink as it is enhanced with a mixer


What’s the deal with the name?

It’s actually a reference to whisky history! Malting Barley used to be done by hand with the use of heavy shovels. Often, the men who did this would injure their shoulder and cause their arm to hang down - this became known as “monkey shoulder”

Why is it basic? How should I drink it?

Monkey shoulder was made as it is to be mixed with something. Hence the simplicity! You can drink it neat of course, but better off with your favourite mixer. 


Canadian Mist Canadian Whisky PET, 1.75 L, 80 Proof

Our neighbors to the North have produced a fine whisky, perfect for any special occasion!

Matured in a white oak barrel with a tasty seasoning and a finishing taste of vanilla. This whiskey is ideal for celebrating a big day with its smooth texture and inviting aromas.


  • With its flavors, it benefits from the extra adding of cola. Many people love a whisky with cola but can’t hack the more bourbon flavored finish. This solves that problem.
  • Produced in North America, it’s easy to find in most stores and online!


  • Those who prefer a stronger taste will perhaps prefer one of the other whiskeys on this list 


Is Canada a big whisky country?

Granted, you don’t normally think of Canada as a whisky nation - but they really are! Canada makes about 21 million boxes of whisky and boasts at least 30 distilleries. Some of the finest names of whisky are produced in Canada.

Any tips for drinking this?

Mix this whisky with a cola and add ice. This brings out all the flavors that your tastebuds will thank you for!


Jameson Irish Whiskey, 750 ml

An absolute classic whiskey!

This Irish whiskey has been a part of many weddings and really gives the big day a boost. Coming from the beautiful landscape of Dublin and produced all the way back in 1780, Jameson has perfected the art of whiskey.

It is aged in barrels of oak and triple distilled. The method may have come from its founder John Jameson - who crazily enough came from Scotland! The argument of Scotch vs Irish whiskey continues on.

This is the best selling Irish whiskey in the entire globe and is responsible for at least 70% of the sold Irish whiskeys in the States!


  • Hugely popular
  • Easy to source
  • Great taste
  • Classically used for weddings


  • It’s not for everyone. Jameson makes all different kinds of whiskey and some might opt for those.


Wait, why is this so popular?

There’s a number of reasons which are all debated. Some would say its unique flavors and amazing taste. Some would say it’s down to our Irish cousins who made the journey to America - or it could be down to the huge demand after prohibition. Either way - its popularity is certainly deserved.

It says SINE METU on the bottle… what’s the deal with that?

That’s the Jameson motto. It’s Irish for “without fear.” Actually comes from Jameson’s ancestral history in the 16th century defending itself against pirates!


Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select Bourbon, 750 ml, 90.4 Proof

We return to bourbon country and wow! This is a superb whiskey.

Crafted in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, it has a beautifully clean and inviting color. The flavors immediately come to life in your nose and then your taste buds. It boasts an unparalleled taste mix of vanilla, tobacco, honey and spices.

This critically acclaimed bourbon can hold its head up high with pride. With such an array of flavors, why wouldn’t you choose this for your wedding? Speech!


  • Excellent quality
  • Very popular
  • Perfect for any type of method (straight, cocktail, soda, ice)
  • Different flavors from your standard whiskeys


  • The taste of tobacco doesn’t appeal to everybody but it gives it a unique kick.


Could a first timer drink this?

Yes, but it is a stronger tasting whiskey than some of the others on this list. It would be best for them to make a Manhattan or add ice

Tobacco?! I don’t smoke!!

Don’t worry, it is just flavoring! There is no nicotine or anything.

Best Whiskey For Wedding Buying Guide

You’ve probably got a whole host of questions. We’re going to go through the most common and generally things to look for.

Scotch VS Irish VS Bourbon

What’s the difference I hear you ask. Whiskeys all have their own criteria (sometimes legally!) of how and why they can be called a Scotch/bourbon. Here are some of the basics:

Bourbon: 51% corn is mandatory, whereas the remaining mash can be barleys or wheat or rye. It must be matured in an oak barrel and must be distilled at 160 proof - once barrelled, it has to be 125 proof or lower.

The difference between bourbon and Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey is the filtering process, as JD filters the drink through a sugar charcoal.

  • Scotch: Hailing from Scotland, it must be matured for 3 years and is generally twice distilled. 
  • Irish: Hailing from Ireland, doesn’t necessarily have to be aged for a set time and is generally triple distilled.

Tip: Bourbons mature far quicker than a Scotch. As a result of being younger, they’re often far easier to find and usually better for the wallet!

The Difference Between Proof And Distilled

Proof is pretty simple. It’s twice the alcohol content percentage. So for example, if your whiskey is 120 proof, it’s got 60% alcohol.

The word proof came in during the 1700s when sailors would unload their boats of whiskey and other cargo. Their whiskey often had gunpowder, so lighting the barrels up - if you heard/saw a “proof!”, you knew it was around half alcohol!

Distilled on the other hand is the point right after fermentation - but before you start to mature. This is where the liquid is vaporized in a still. When it gets cooler, it is condensed as an alcohol. The more this process is carried out, you’ll see things on bottles like “twice distilled” or “triple distilled.”

The more a whiskey is distilled, it will generally become stronger and purer.

Best Whiskey For Wedding - FAQ's

Why is it always brown?!

This is due to its reaction/mix with the barrel it came from!

Does whiskey expire? Some are old!

Whiskey won’t expire if it’s kept in a cask or bottle. If it is opened, after around 5 months to half a year, it’ll go bad

I don’t know if I’m enjoying whiskey right. How am I meant to do it?

Whiskey drinking for enthusiasts is the same for wine to a wine enthusiast. If you’ve ever been to a wine tasting, you’ll get the same treatment.

First, it’s about appearance. How does it look? Then the smell. Let that linger for a moment. Next is the tasting - that is the best way for all your senses to really get the best out of your whiskey experience!


When it comes to choosing your wedding whiskey, think of a few main factors. Who will be drinking it? (are they first timers?) Plan your budget - how much are you planning to buy? How many guests? Buying whiskey by the cask or by the bottle? Crucially - enjoy the big day. Good luck!