10 Best Day Ever Wedding Napkins

Planning a wedding can be an incredibly stressful challenge, as there are a lot of things to put together, and many different factors to consider, in order for everything to come together just right, to create the perfect day for the groom and bride.

But for many people, weddings are all about the small details which guests will notice, as they show that a lot of attention has been paid to the simplest of things, and it is what can make the event impressive. 

One of the most memorable parts of a wedding is the meal itself, as it takes up quite a lot of time and it is when guests will be relaxed, enjoying the decoration and food, and celebrating together.

But there is a lot to prepare, just for the tables alone. What food will be served? What cutlery? What decorations are on the table? What napkins?

Yes, wedding napkins are also important! Your guests will be using them throughout the meal, especially when it’s time for dessert and the wedding cake!

If you want every little item to remind them that this is an important event, and the best day ever, then why not have the napkins say just that? 

If you want your wedding napkins to literally state that this is the best day ever, so your guests really can’t forget (not even when they start to get tipsy), then there are plenty of options.

To help you choose, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best day ever wedding napkins, all of them with beautiful and elegant designs, to match your wedding decor. 

Here are our reviews:


Canopy Street Best Day Ever Heart Personalized Beverage Cocktail Napkins / 100 White Paper Napkins With Choice Of Foil

First up on our list we have some amazing and beautiful personalized wedding napkins by Canopy Street.

They are made out of paper (and therefore not reusable), and the pack comes with 100 individual 3-ply napkins, measuring 4 ¾ inches by 4 ¾ inches.

The design includes a “Best day ever”, along with two lines which you can personalize to whatever you want, be it the name of the couple, the date of the wedding, or other.

There is a maximum of 25 characters for this, but you can choose the font and the color. 

There are many different colors to choose from for the foil imprint, in order to ensure that the napkins match the rest of your wedding aesthetic.

The napkins themselves are also available in different solid base colors. Elegant, useful, and perfect for weddings or even other important events! 


  • Pack of 100 napkins
  • 3-ply, measuring 4 ¾ inches 
  • Customizable design, with several different base colors and foil imprint colors available


  • No significant downsides


Crisky Best Day Ever Napkins Silver for Wedding Bridal Shower and Engagement Party Decorations,Cocktail Dessert Beverage Napkins 100 Pack, 3-ply

These best day ever wedding napkins, by the Crisky Store, are by far one of the most popular product options amongst customers, and very highly recommended.

They come as a pack of 100 individual paper napkins, 3-ply, measuring 4.9 inches when folded.

They are highly absorbent, while being soft and comfortable to use, which is what gives them that desirable high-quality feel. 

They are available in a few different base colors, with the design being “best day ever” written in cursive, and two interlinked hearts.

They also have real foil for the lettering, so they shine in the light to look even better. But don’t worry, they are completely food-safe!

They are perfect for a wedding, or for any other event that you suspect might turn into the best day ever! 


  • Highly recommended by customers, very popular option
  • Pack of 100, 3-ply, measuring 4.9 inches when folded
  • Highly absorbent and soft, comfortable and completely food-safe
  • Available in different colors, with real foil for shine


  • No significant downsides


Goobeans 100 Pcs Wedding Napkins Shiny Rose Gold Best Day Ever Party Down Disposable Cocktail 3-Ply Napkins 4.5 sq.in.Gold

Another incredibly popular option that is also highly recommended by its customers, is this pack of 100 best day ever wedding napkins, by Goobeans.

Each napkin is 3-ply, making it more resistant, and they are all highly absorbent and soft, making them both useful and comfortable.

The dimensions for each napkin are 4.5 inches when folded, and 9 inches when unfolded. 

The design is a simple “best day ever” written in cursive lettering, with gold foil. Elegant and stylish, perfect to complement the dining table at a wedding celebration, or other important event.

You can also choose to have the lettering in a rose gold color, but the base is white for both options.


  • Pack of 100, 3-ply, 4.5 inches (9 inches when unfolded)
  • Highly absorbent and soft, for a comfortable use 
  • Elegant design, with “best day ever” written in one of two gold foil options


  • Only available in a white base color 


Best Day Ever Personalized Cocktail Beverage Napkins - Canopy Street - 100 Custom Printed Navy Blue Paper Napkins With Choice Of Foil

If you want a bold-looking yet elegant wedding napkin, we recommend these navy blue best day ever wedding napkins by the Canopy Street Store.

These paper wedding napkins come as a pack of 100, each napkin being a 3-ply measuring 4 ¾ inches by 4 ¾ inches.

The design has “best day ever” in cursive lettering, with shining foil imprint, and there is also the option to add two personalized lines with a max of 25 characters.

(So you could add the name of the couple, or the date of the wedding, or other!) 

These napkins in particular are navy blue as the solid base color, but there are options for different base colors.

The shining foil imprint is also available in a few different colors, so you can mix and match until you find the perfect fit for your wedding aesthetic. 

They’re also highly absorbent and soft, perfect for impressing the guests in a very subtle way, and ideal for any occasion!


  • Pack of 100, 3-ply, measuring 4 ¾ inches
  • Customizable design, you can add 2 lines of lettering in gold foil
  • Available in different base colors and different foil lettering


  • The color of the lettering isn’t accurately depicted in the images


Ginger Ray Best Day Ever Paper Party Napkins Wedding Tableware, 20 Pack

If you’ve got a cottagecore or floral themed wedding, and you want to complement the decoration with some flowery paper napkins for the tables, then we’ve got just the product choice for you: the Ginger Ray Best Day Ever paper wedding napkins.

These come in a pack of 20, which is less than the average pack of napkins (but they’re super pretty, so worth it?). 

The design is “best day ever” written in cursive lettering, with flower soft pink floral patterns around the borders.

The design is actually hand illustrated, and you can absolutely tell from the high quality and the attention to detail, which makes these napkins incredibly beautiful and perfect for a wedding. 

They are almost 13 inches in size when unfolded, and made to be very resistant and absorbent.


  • Hand-illustrated design with detailed floral patterns
  • 13 inches in size, made to be resistant and absorbent
  • Very high-quality and perfect for wedding celebrations


  • The pack only contains 20 napkins (a lot less than the average) 


If you want fancy-looking wedding paper napkins that will impress your guests, then we recommend this 100-pack of gold foil best day ever wedding napkins.

They are exclusively high-quality, of single-use, with premium paper that feels like textile. They are incredibly absorbent and sturdy, while being soft and comfortable to use.

Truly high level napkins to make your guests feel like elite!

Each napkin is 10 inches by 10 inches in size when unfolded, and they are completely eco-friendly, which is even better!

The design in itself is a solid white color as the base, and “best day ever” in gold lettering, along with some gold sparkle patterns on the borders. 


  • Pack of 100, 3-ply, measuring 10 by 10 inches when unfolded 
  • Incredibly high-quality, with premium paper and texture, soft and absorbent
  • Completely eco-friendly, can be thrown in the recycling bin


  • Only available in one color


Ginger Ray Best Day Ever Rose Gold Paper Napkins Pack Of 20 - Beautiful Botanics

If you’re looking for a plain and simple option, nothing too fancy or complicated, then you can take a look at this option by Beautiful Botanics, and their Best Day Ever wedding napkins.

These paper napkins are very simple, with a minimalistic design that simply states “best day ever” in foiled lettering. The base color is a standard white, and the lettering is a trendy and elegant rose gold.

So while the napkins are super basic, they still have that little touch, making them acceptable for a wedding.  

They’re quite large in size, measuring almost 13 by 13 inches. However, this helps make them all the more absorbent, and means they’re sure to last a lot longer!

All in all, they are the more practical option, while still remaining visually appealing to guests.  


  • Simple and basic napkins, with a minimalistic design
  • Large size for absorbency, allowing them to last longer 
  • “Best day ever” written in rose gold foil lettering, for some visual appeal


  • Very basic, and only available in the standard color 


Crisky Best Day Ever Cocktail Napkins Gold for Wedding Bridal Shower and Engagement Party Decorations,Cocktail Dessert Beverage Disposable Napkins 50 Count, 3-ply

For another simple and basic design, that is slightly more stylish and has that romantic feel to it, we recommend giving these Best day ever gold wedding napkins, by the Crisky Store, a chance.

Available as a pack of 50, each napkin is 3-ply, measuring 4.9 inch when folded. They are extra thick, for absorbency, and are very soft in order to ensure comfort. They are also completely food-safe. 

The design is simple, yet romantic. It is a “best day ever” written in romantic cursive, with real foil that catches the light to give off a wonderful shine.

And it has two small interlinked hearts, as an added decorative element. They are absolutely perfect for a wedding, or for any other romantic event, and are sure to look good on the tables. 


  • Pack of 50, 3-ply, measuring 4.9 inch when folded
  • Extra thick and absorbent, with softness for comfort
  • Romantic yet simple design, with real foil lettering and two interlinked hearts


  • Only available in the standard color


Best Day Ever Personalized Luncheon Napkins - Canopy Street 6 1/2' x 6 1/2' Dinner Napkins / 100 Custom Printed White Paper Napkins With Choice Of Foil

If your wedding has more of a modern theme or aesthetic, then these Best Day Ever customizable wedding napkins are the perfect addition to the tables, with the personalization making them unique and impressive.

They are available as a pack of 100, with each napkin being 3-ply, and measuring 6 ½ inches by 6 ½ inches. 

The standard design is “best day ever”, written in a shiny foil imprint.

You can choose from different base colors, and from different foil colors for the lettering.

You can also then customize the napkins to include a further two lines (and a maximum of 25 characters), so you could add in the date of the wedding, the name of the couple, or whatever it is you want guests to read on it! 


  • Pack of 100, 3-ply, measuring 6 and a half inches
  • Available in multiple different base colors and foil lettering
  • Customizable, allowing you to make the napkins unique to your wedding


  • No significant downsides


Brush Strokes'Happy Day' Beverage Napkins by Elise, 48 ct

Last, but not least, on our list of top picks, we wanted to sneak in this slightly different alternative, which says “oh happy day” instead of “best day ever”.

So it’s not quite the exact message you might be after, but the design is so pretty we simply had to include it in our list! 

These napkins, measuring 5 by 5 inches, are made of premium heavy-duty paper, which is highly absorbent and resistant, perfect for messy events.

The design is incredibly eye-catching and beautiful, with 48 brush strokes in different colors, and “oh happy day” written out in bold lettering.

They are perfect for weddings with a colorful aesthetic, or for any other important celebration or event. And as we said, they are so eye-catching that the guests will instantly love them! 


  • 5 inches in size, made of premium heavy-duty paper
  • Colorful and beautiful design, with 48 brush strokes and “oh happy day”
  • Eye-catching and ideal for weddings or other celebrations 


  • They don’t say “best day ever”
  • They can be a little stiff due to the thickness

Best Day Ever Wedding Napkins Buying Guide

It might not seem like buying paper napkins is a very important part of planning an event, but when it comes to weddings, every last detail is of the utmost importance and must fit in with the color scheme and theme of the celebration.

As napkins are, however, still something pretty basic, it can actually become quite tricky to know which ones to choose. What if you get it wrong? But don’t worry.

If you’re wondering what to look out for when buying paper napkins for your guests, we’ve got you covered.

10 Best Day Ever Wedding Napkins

To help you out, we’ve put together this small and simple buyer’s guide, with some of the main factors that we like to take into consideration when choosing the right paper napkins for a wedding. 

Here are the main things to take into account:

Size And Absorbency

Napkins can be as pretty or as ugly as you want them to be, the most important factor is their actual use because at the end of the day they are a mere tool for your guests to wipe their hands and mouth when eating. 

Make sure the napkins are as big or as small as you need, in order to fit the organization of the table and check the levels of absorbency for efficiency. 


At a wedding, everything should be as nice as possible, so try and ensure that the napkins are soft and comfortable to use. Plus, that will make them feel all the fancier! 

Color And Design

One can go mad trying to make every single detail in a wedding fit the specific theme or aesthetic, and matching the colors and design of your napkins to the rest of the table shouldn’t stress you out too much.

Look for napkins with multiple color options, or with visually appealing standard designs. 

Customization Options

If you want your napkins to look unique to your wedding, and for them to look like you’ve gone the extra mile, look out for customization options.

Adding in your own wedding date or name to the napkins is an instant boost in presentation and quality. 


Weddings can generate a lot of waste, especially with the items used on the table. Choosing paper napkins that are eco-friendly can be a great deed to help the environment out, and will also make the guests feel better about using as many as they need! 

The Price

At first, you might not think that the price of a paper napkin matters that much. After all, they’re not exactly expensive.

But here’s the thing, you need a lot of paper napkins. Every guest should be able to use at least two to three napkins, and you should have plenty of spare in case they are needed. 

And in the end, a large number of napkins will amount to a more significant cost, so saving a tiny bit can go a very long way with a bulk order!