10 Best Wedding Bubbles

Having your guests blow bubbles after a wedding ceremony is a long-established whimsical tradition, and makes a great alternative to confetti if you're looking to avoid the hassle of the clean-up process.

With that said, if you don’t choose high quality bubbles, they can end up being a small detail that becomes a big letdown on your special day. 

We've blown tens of thousands of bubbles over the years at both indoor and outdoor ceremonies and in this this article we cover the 10 best types of wedding bubbles and wands to use from our experience. 

Pro Tip - Bubbles are widely available and affordable making them one of the easier and more delightful items to select for your wedding ceremony but quality counts (they belong in the air not as suds ending up up on your guests attire). During the short window of time your guests blow bubbles at your wedding you want them coming out round and in sequence making it literally a picture perfect moment!

Our recommendations, FAQs and buying guide are below.


56 Pack Mini White Heart Bubble Wands- Perfect Bubble Toy Ideal Party Favors for Weddings Support and Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, family reunion, Special Festival Gift for Couple, boy and girl

The MAPIXO Mini White Heart Bubble Wands are designed to add a romantic atmosphere to any special occasion!

These bubble wands feature a white heart design that will perfectly fit the aesthetic of your wedding and can be used for party favors.

The packaging of these bubbles is high quality and sturdy, meaning it will withstand the test of time.


  • Versatile - These bubbles are perfect for a variety of different occasions, including weddings celebrations, Valentine’s Day, and bridal showers.
  • No leakages - The cap is uniquely designed to ensure that no leakage occurs during transport.
  • Easy to use - These bubbles are super easy to use, and are therefore great for adults and children alike.


  • One customer noted that these particular bubble wands were smaller than they were anticipating. 


112 Pack Mini Wedding Bubble Wand (White Circle Style), Ideal Party Favors For Anniversaries, Celebration Supplies, Valentine’s Day, Pool Parties, Family Reunion, and Great Gift for Couple Boy Girl

The BYONEBYE 112 Pack Mini Wedding Bubble Wands are perfect party favors!

The circle tops and clear tubes are uniquely designed, allowing you to add personalized labels and tags for each of the guests at your wedding.

These bubbles are non-toxic so are safe on both your skin and face.


  • Leakproof - The lid of each container is leak proof and safe for transporting to your engagement party or event venue.
  • Non-staining - You and your guests can use these bubbles free of anxiety that they’re going to stain your beautiful wedding attire.
  • Non-toxic - These bubbles are made with non-toxic bubble solution, so are safe for both adults and children to use.


  • One customer noted that some of these bubbles arrived damaged in the mail.


GIFTEXPRESS Bubble Wands Party Favors - 48 Pack Mini 4.25' Tall Assorted Pastel Color Heart Bubble Sticks - 0.2 Fl Oz / 5 mL Tube of Non Toxic Bubbles Solution for Kids

The GiftExpress 48 Pcs Mini Heart Shaped Bubble Wands come in 4 pastel colors that are ideal for several celebrations!

Easy to use! Simply unscrew the bubble wands and blow bubbles, it couldn’t be simpler.

These wedding gifts are perfect for kids and adults alike! Everyone can join in on the bubble fun.


  • Versatile - These bubbles are perfect for a variety of different events, including weddings, birthday parties, and bbqs.
  • Non-toxic - You won’t need to worry about getting this bubble solution on your skin or in your face, as these bubbles are non-toxic.
  • Sturdy packaging - These bubbles are packaged to stay upright to ensure that no drop of bubble solution is spilled.


  • A few customers noted that these particular bubbles are filled inconsistently to different levels.


Wedding Bubbles with Wands - (48 Count) Bulk Mini Double Heart Top Bubbles for Wedding Send Off, Bridal Party Favors, Engagement, Anniversary Celebrations, Toy Gifts for Kids, Boys or Girls

The Bedwina Bulk Wedding Bubbles bring a romantic touch to your special day!

These bubbles come with two colorful display boxes that make it easy and convenient for your guests to pick up and start blowing bubbles during your celebration!

The Bewdina bubbles are not only designed to look beautiful in your wedding photos, but they also keep your guests entertained and get them involved in the wedding! It’s a win-win for everyone.


  • Value pack - This pack contains 48 bubble bottles, meaning that you get more bang for your buck.
  • Stylish heart bottle - These bubbles have heart shaped lids, perfect for your special wedding celebration!
  • Chic white color - You don’t have to worry about matching these bubbles to your color scheme, as white goes with everything!


  • One customer claimed that these particular bubbles are difficult to open.


Big Mo's Toys 40 Pack Mini Heart Bubble Wands – Great Wand Bubbles Party Favors for Weddings and Anniversaries

Big Mo’s Toy’s 40 Pack Mini Heart Bubble Wands are great for getting all of your guests involved in your wedding!

These mini bubble wands measure 4” tall and contain 0.2 oz. of bubbles, making them the perfect size to insert into a goody bag!

These bubbles make a beautiful keepsake for your wedding guests!


  • Non-toxic bubble solution - As these bubbles are non-toxic, they are safe for young and older guests to use throughout your wedding day.
  • Non-staining - You can relax as your guests blow bubbles around you, as these bubbles are non-staining.
  • High-quality materials - These bubbles are made out of high quality plastic, meaning that they are easy to open and use.


  • A couple of customers noted that a few of these bubble wands leaked during transit.


1 Bubbles, 72, White

The Rhode Island Novelty Bubbles are the ideal wedding favor!

The heart design of these wedding bubbles add the perfect romantic touch to your big day.

These wedding bubbles are non-staining, so you don’t have to worry about them staining you and your guest’s smart outfits.


  • Chic design - The plain white chic design is perfect for you adding your own labels to add a personalized touch to your wedding bubbles for your guests!
  • Good quality bubble solution - This bubble solution produces decent sized bubbles as opposed to the ones that look like soap suds!
  • Easy to use - These bubbles are great for kids and adults to have fun on on your special day.


  • One customer noted that a few of the lid designs for these bubbles came off.


180 Pack Bubble Wands Bulk, Party Favors for Weddings, Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, Celebrations, Graduation, Birthday, Summer Toys Gift for Kids Adults by Inscraft

The INSCRAFT 180 Pack Bubble Wands have a romantic, elegant design that will beautifully complement your wedding day.

These bubble wands are eco-friendly and non-toxic, meaning that you and your guests can use them without fear of irritation.

These bubble wands are small enough to conveniently carry in a purse or your pockets, so you can blow bubbles everywhere you are during the day.


  • High quality materials - The bubble bottle is made of high-quality materials, and the design of the lid ensures that there will be no leakage during transportation.
  • Versatile - These bubbles are perfect for a variety of different celebratory occasions, including your wedding day, birthday parties, and bridal showers!
  • Money-back guarantee - If you feel dissatisfied, INSCRAFT will provide you with either a replacement or an immediate refund.


  • A couple of customers noted that these particular wedding bubbles took longer than they were expecting to arrive in the mail.


150 Piece Mini White Heart Bubble Wand Party Favors,Perfect for Wedding,Engagement,Anniversary,Valentine's Day,Graduation,Celebrations,Birthday,Special Festival,Sweet Gift for Couple Boys and Girls

The Nasidear 150 Piece Mini White Heart Bubble Wand Party Favors are perfect for enhancing several celebratory occasions!

These bubble wands are perfect for producing jumbo sized bubbles that add a beautiful element to your wedding photos.

All of your guests will feel involved when they are handed these Nasidear bubbles as a wedding favor!


  • Unique cap - The cap is uniquely designed to ensure that no leakage occurs during transport.
  • Good value for money - These wedding bubbles are excellent value for money, so you can cater for all of your guests without having to break the bank!
  • Return-guarantee - If you are not satisfied with the product or the product has any quality problems, Nasidear offers a 30 days free return policy.


  • One customer didn’t like the packaging of these particular wedding bubbles.


72 Pack Wedding Bubble - Wedding Cake - Wedding Party Supplies Bubble Wand Party Favors - White, 1.25 x 2.75 x 1.25 inches

The BLUE PANDA Wedding Bubble Wands Party Favors add a simple yet chic touch to your wedding celebration.

These bubble wands are perfect to get your guests involved, and the cute wedding cake design makes each miniature bottle all the more special!

The BLUE PANDA wedding bubbles are great for creating a fun atmosphere for all of your guests!


  • Leak proof packaging - These wedding bubbles have a leak-proof lid to ensure mess-free transport.
  • Wedding cake design - Each small bubble bottle is shaped like a mini wedding cake with three tiers and a round wand with a heart on top.
  • Easy to use - Whether you’re 5 or 50, you’re sure to enjoy these joyful bubbles no matter your age!


  • One customer said that these bubble wands weren’t filled to the top with bubble solution.

Best Wedding Bubbles Buying Guide

There are a few things to consider when purchasing wedding bubbles, but it mainly comes down to quality, value for money, and non-toxic.

While the majority of bubble solutions are marketed as being non-toxic, it’s important to make sure that they are safe to use. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry! And you don’t want a fun activity to be the reason someone’s eyes and skin are irritated.

Keep reading the following factors before buying bubbles for your wedding.


Another factor you should consider when purchasing wedding bubbles is the quality.

While they’re not considered a luxury product, you won’t want to be in a position where none of your guests can blow bubbles because the bubble wands snap before they have the chance to.

A good indication of whether a product is good quality or not is to check the product reviews section.

Here, customers leave good and bad feedback that provide you with a better understanding of the product and whether it is of good quality. If a customer has had any issues with the quality of a product, they are likely to tell you so in this section.

Alongside this, the product reviews also provide the customer with more information on the brand itself, especially if it’s one that they’ve never heard of before.

Although problems occur that are outside of a company’s control, such as products being damaged or lost in the mail, the way they work to resolve these issues will reveal a lot about them and their customer service team.

If a company goes above and beyond to rectify the issue, then it is likely that they will do the same for you! However, if the company doesn’t help to rectify the customer’s issue, then you might decide that you’d rather invest your money elsewhere.

Always make sure that you do your research and check the product reviews section before buying wedding bubbles.


An important factor to consider when purchasing wedding bubbles is whether they are non-toxic.

Investing in bubbles with non-toxic bubble solution is absolutely essential, as it will ensure that all of your guests are safe while they are blowing the bubbles.

Bubble solution can end up on your hands, face, and skin when you are blowing them, so this is absolutely critical. After all, there’s no point in providing a fun activity for everyone if you have to call it off at the last minute!

Always make sure that you are buying bubbles that are non-toxic, so they are safe for all of your guests to use and enjoy!


You will also want to make sure that your wedding bubbles are non-staining. When you and your guests are dressed in all of your finery, you don’t want to have to worry about dodging bubbles that are going to stain your wedding clothes.

When your guests are blowing bubbles, there’s no doubt that you’re going to get caught in the cross-fire. You don’t need to be told how expensive wedding dresses can be, and you won’t want to ruin your dress when you’re surrounded by bubbles.

Always make sure that you’re opting for bubbles that are marketed as non-staining. In addition to this, you will need to make sure that you get a sample piece of your dress to see how it reacts with the bubbles.

If the piece of material is stained by the bubbles, then you will know that you have opted for the wrong kind before the big day. When it comes to your wedding attire, it’s much better to be safe than sorry!

Value For Money

Another factor that you will need to consider is value for money. When buying multiple bubble wands for all of the guests at your wedding, you will want to ensure that you’re buying a pack that is good value for money.

You don’t want to be in a position where you don’t have enough bubbles, but you also want to avoid going over your budget to accommodate all of your guests.

Bearing this in mind, you will want to make sure that you’re buying in bulk to ensure that the cost is down, and that you have enough bubbles to go around all of your guests that want them!


Another factor that you might want to consider when purchasing your wedding bubbles is the color of the packaging.

Which color that you opt for might come down to your color scheme. For instance, you might decide it’s best to opt for white packaging to keep things classic, as white is muted and goes with a variety of different colors.

Alternatively, you might decide to match your wedding bubbles with the pastel color scheme.

While some might consider the color of your wedding bubbles as a minor, when it comes to your big day, it’s all in the details! Don’t feel ashamed in planning the day down to a T.

Best Wedding Bubbles - FAQ's

How do you display bubbles at a wedding?

How you display bubbles at your wedding is entirely up to you, and there are a variety of different methods you could opt for.

For instance, you could distribute wedding bubbles by placing them on each individual seat before the wedding ceremony. This way, your guests are prepared with their bubbles for when it comes to you leaving the ceremony.

Alternatively, you could even ask your bridesmaids to hand the bubbles out to guests as they are leaving the ceremony as one of their duties.

Whichever option you choose, make sure that everyone has access to the bubbles as it is a great opportunity to make everyone feel involved in your big day. You don’t want to be in a position where you run out! So, make sure that you have enough to go around and then some!

Will bubbles stain my wedding dress?

Blowing bubbles after the wedding ceremony is a wonderful tradition. However, you may want to avoid them if your dress is made of silk or satin, as these are materials that are both easily stained by the glycerin that is found in bubble solution.

If you do want bubbles at your wedding, make sure that you find a “stain-free” bubble solution. You should also be aware that while some bubbles are advertised as non-staining, you will need to make sure they aren’t going to ruin your dress.

Before you commit to the bubbles, you should test the solution on a sample piece of your dress. To do this, simply ask your bridal shop or designer for a sample swatch of the material that they used to make your dress.