10 Best Wine For Wedding Gift


Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, California Red Wine, 750 mL Bottle

We kick off our list with a beautifully crafted red wine from California. With ingredients coming from the famous wine growing areas such as Napa and Sonoma, this wine is a great gift to give to the happy couple.

Its flavor is best described as blackberry, with hints of vanilla and oak along with the pick up of cinnamon and hazelnut. Due to its flavor, it pairs well with most wedding foods and snacks including beef, pork and rich chocolate desserts.

This is a more modern wine being born in 2007 - but despite its youth, it can hold up in any list of wines.


  • Inexpensive
  • Flavoursome
  • Easy to source


  • Not recommended if you prefer a more aged taste in wine due to its age


Does this wine have a cork or a screw cap?

It has a cork

Does Josh Cellars have other wines available?

Yes, but this wine was the first made by JC. 


19 Crimes, Red Wine, 750 mL Bottle

Next up we have an Australian red wine. The 19 Crimes range has an extra with it that is incredibly unique - it works with your cell phone (yes, you read that right!)

You can download an app that allows your camera to capture a video from the featured person on the bottle. If there are several guests, why not buy the set and have a game of it at the wedding! Either way, it’s a fantastic wedding gift.

This red wine has a balance of fruitiness, sweetness and an oaky finish. You’ll also experience the aromas of sweet vanilla and dark chocolate. Yummy!


  • Fun
  • Delicious
  • Great gift idea


  • Some might not like the branding of “crimes” at their wedding


What’s the deal with the name?

In the 18th century, British people convicted of 19 crimes were sent to Australia instead of a traditional sentence to death.

What year is this wine?

It’s a 2016


Globerati Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Wine, 750 mL Bottle

Sticking with the red here and what a red wine this is!

A French wine that is a great duo with wedding foods. It is bursting with a blackberry flavor and has subtle hints of mocha. It’s another young wine from 2016 but it still packs a punch with incredible flavors and aromas.


  • Great table wine
  • Crafted by wine experts
  • Great appearance


  • As a younger wine, it isn’t the top of French wines but that is subjective 


Kim Crawford Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Award Winning White Wine, 750 mL Bottle

The first white wine on our list. Hailing from the mystic lands of New Zealand, it has a vibrant and buttery taste with fruity bursts of melon and stone fruits. The aromas are more tropical with a citric overtone.

It pairs exceedingly well with classic wedding foods like lobster and oysters or even salad.


  • Fantastic flavor
  • Perfect as a wedding gift
  • Great partner for meals


  • It has a basic looking bottle appearance, you may wish to opt for a more “gift-looking” wine


Does this have a screw-cap?

Yes, easy to pour for the wedding

How is this best enjoyed?

Serve chilled after being in the refrigerator for around 2-3 hours


Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Chardonnay, White Wine, 750 ml Bottle

Another white but this time it’s a chardonnay. From the Columbia Valley in Washington State, this unique tasting white wine is a brilliant coupling with seafood - a staple at weddings!

A medium bodied wine, it has been scientifically crafted for your enjoyment. A citric and juicy taste with an indication of apples.


  • From an experienced vineyard (1967 established)
  • Unique taste
  • Very fruity


  • If you’re having red meat at a wedding, you’d find a better wine to accompany it. However, chicken or seafood? This is the choice for you


Does it have preservatives?

Yes, many white wines do

What is the ABV?



Cote des Roses Rose, French Rose Wine, 750 mL Bottle

A rose wine is featured on our list now! Any happy couple would be delighted to receive such a beautifully looking bottle containing a deliciously tasting wine.

This French wine comes from the Languedoc-Roussillon region and is made by the best wine enthusiasts. The flavor is very fruity with predominantly a red currant taste, alongside other summer fruits.

A highly floral and dry wine, it comes alive with its full impression and lightly lays on the palate while you enjoy some delicious food!


  • Spectacular appearance
  • Tastes amazing
  • Crafted by experts


  • Due to it being dry, you may want to add a soda to it


Does this pair well with food?

It isn’t as perfect pairing as some others on this list, but it does work with appetizers

Are there other sizes available?

There are 3 sizes to buy, this is the biggest (750ml) which is typical for a wedding gift 


Chateau d’Esclans 'Whispering Angel' Rose, 750mL

Sticking with the rose wine here. Whispering Angels has a high reputation as being one of the best rose wines in the world.

A French import, the wine has a tangy and fruity strawberry flavor with a top refreshing feeling. It has an appealing and irresistible appearance and hits your taste buds full and dry.

This really is a great choice for a wedding gift to those that are looking for a fruit filled refreshment.


  • Reputable
  • Juicy
  • Looks beautiful
  • Great gift idea


  • You might love it so much, you’ll get drunk!


Where exactly is this from?

It hails from France in Gorges de Pennafort. This is North of Frejus ( an old Roman area) on the coast of the Mediterranean

How dry is it?

It’s more semi-dry than sweet. A good balance


Meiomi California Pinot Noir Red Wine, 750 mL Bottle

Welcoming back a red wine. A bottle that appeals to the eye, you pour a glass of this and you’ll know you’ve made a good decision.

A heavier, richer feeling with a taste packed with berry flavors. Typically, you can pair this wine with Italian dishes like pasta or pizza, but it also goes well with lamb or beef.

This wine was created from an amalgamation of Monterey County, Santa Barbara and Sonoma and is the official wine for the PGA tour!


  • Perfectly blended with a great taste
  • Pairs with some classic wedding meals
  • Appealing to the eyes


  • A heavy wine, you wouldn’t drink too much of this on your own


Does the wine have sulfates?


What was it aged in?

French oak barrels


Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Claret Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Wine, 750 mL Bottle

A cabernet based red wine, we have a real treat for you here. From Sonoma County, it has a sophisticated and well-bodied appearance.

The aromas hit you almost instantly. A mix of blackberry, cherry, plums, chocolate, candies and tobacco. Woah!

The taste is a very strong but flavorsome blend and keeps you informed of its unique identity by remaining on your palate.

This is ideal for a wedding gift for those friends and family who enjoy the finer things in life!


  • Completely unique with its own identity
  • Appeals to you right from the bottle
  • A fantastic blend for a great experience


  • Might be too strong for you, depends on your tastes


Is this a wine with a cork?

It is!

What is the ABV?

13.5% here 


Robert Mondavi Private Selection Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine, 750 mL bottle

Another cabernet red wine to finish off our list.

We’ve got the cream of the crop here. This aged wine has a huge array of flavors that remind you of home! Tastes like blueberry pie, blackberry cobbler, custard and praline! Wow, sounds good right?

You’ll find it difficult to resist pouring another glass of this. The bourbon barrel process has given the wine an extra kick and extra flavor, allowing it to come to life and double up well with strong cheese or tangy pasta dishes.

With a fantastic, fruity aroma and bold look to it - any marrying couple will love you for bringing them this gift!


  • Bold
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Fruity, dessert-style taste
  • Differs from most wines


  • Not for people who aren’t interested in a wild variety of flavors


Where is this from?


Can you taste the bourbon?

A hint but it isn’t overpowering 

Best Wine For Wedding Gift Buying Guide

Okay, so we’ve looked at our list for the picks of wine gift ideas - but now you’ve read it, you’ve got some questions. That’s totally understandable! We’re going to give you the low-down now on things to look out for and how to decide. Fancy a wine yet?

Red VS White VS Rose

All these wines have several differences. Let’s start with the process of making them.


White wine is made with the white (or green) grapes. The only exception here is with a pinot grigio which is created with a more gray/pink grape. Red wine is made with the black (red) grapes. As you can guess, the colour from the skins and contents of these grapes can seriously contribute to the overall color of the wine.

It is then essential to burst the juice from the solid part of the grape for white wine trying to reduce the physical contact between juice and skin - this will in theory, prevent any color changes.

Rose wine is created with red grapes that are purposely picked earlier to keep its acidity and the fruity flavor.

Red wine is made after fermentation of the juices and the skin plus seeds are used.

Bottom Line: Removing the skins earlier = white. Half way = Rose


Tastes of wine vary from country to country. This is probably due to the climate and general environment the grapes are picked from. White wine is normally made in a cooler area, providing more freshness and a crisp texture.

If white wine is then stored in oak barrels, the taste can exhibit some vanilla or sweet caramels. Another taste difference is, like with this list, some white wines can taste buttery. This is due to a process called malolactic fermentation. This is where the malic acid ferments and changes into lactic acid (found in lactose.)

Red wine is generally more of a bitter taste due to its creation. The extraction of juice came after fermenting and due to the skins remaining, red wine has tannins which white wine lacks.

Rose wine however is entirely reliant on the creation method and the other aspects such as location. Generally though, you can expect to taste fruity flavors like berries.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a more fruity experience, you’ll want to opt for a rose or white wine. If you want a more bold and rich taste, then opt for a red.

Chardonnay? Sauvignon Blanc? Pinot Grigio?!

There are a huge number of different types of white wine, but these are the most popular and the ones you’re more likely to encounter. The color grapes used may slightly differ and the flavors will certainly differ.

  • Chardonnay: is a dry white wine and goes perfectly with fish. It’s fruity with a medium to full body. 
  • Sauvignon Blanc: is a citrusy tasting wine with a better balance than Chardonnay. It’s best paired with chicken and salads. 
  • Pinot Grigio: is more of a floral wine. It can be dry or sweet depending on where it’s come from. Expect typically to have citric fruit flavors.

Vintage vs Non-Vintage (NV)

Vintage wine is in brief, wine that was born after one year’s harvest. The label will indicate what year the vintage was but that’s not to be confused with the bottling date. They will differ.

Non-Vintage or seen on bottles as (NV) is 2 or more years worth of harvest.

Generally, vintage is more a thing to think about when you’re looking at places with wild weather patterns. If the climate is more predictable, it’s not something to worry too much about.

Wine Producing Countries

Many countries in the world produce wine and some have been doing so for centuries. Let’s go through some of the top producers.


Italy has always had a reputation for its wine. Even as far back as the Romans and Greeks! It boasts an ideal climate for making wines and has plenty of vineyards. It is the world’s number one wine producer (accounts for about a quarter of wine around the world!)

Top Italian wines: Chianti and Prosecco


Another famous country for wine. France has some excellent areas to make it but sometimes has had to deal with crazy climatic changes. Nonetheless, France has some amazing wines that are hard to beat!

Top French Wines: Pinot Noir and Bordeaux


Spanish wines have a great reputation. Their taste is definitely noticeable in comparison to French or Italian wines.

Top Spanish Wines: Rioja and Carva

United States of America

Generally the USA relies on California to make the wine. It’s hardly surprising when you look at Cali’s climate. Very similar to some European areas.

Top American Wines: Zinfandel and Merlot


Mainly produced in the South of Oz, but all Australian states make wine. Due to the wild differences in the states’ climates, the South is preferable. Even through the vast travels to get to us, it lasts the journey and tastes great!

Top Australian Wines: Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz 

Best Wine For Wedding Gift - FAQ's

What temperature should I serve wine?

White at 45F, rose at 50F and red at 55F (general guide)

What is fortified wine?

Wine that has added alcohol to create fortification. Examples are Port or Sherry

Is red wine good for you?

Anything in moderation as the saying goes. It has been understood that a good level of red wine contains antioxidants which assist with a healthy heart, but too much alcohol (any alcohol) has its own problems such as liver disease.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the right wine for a wedding gift, the things to think about mainly revolve around the person(s) you are buying for. Do they like more fruity drinks? Do they prefer a more “classy” drink?

Whatever the wine you decide to buy as a gift, it is really the thought that counts! If you really can’t decide, try attending a wine tasting event or taking a look at what food will be served at the wedding. And most importantly, enjoy your wine!