The 15 Best Lakeland Wedding Venues | Amazing Weddings In Lakeland

Based in the Tampa Bay Area is the stunning city of Lakeland. With around 38 lakes officially named (and other unnamed bodies of water), Lakeland is home to some of Florida’s most breathtaking sights. 

Outdoor wedding venues are one of the most popular forms of wedding for the stunning scenery available across the world.

With Lakeland’s abundance of lakes, waterfront venues, and graceful scattering of swans, it only makes sense that Lakeland is one of the most romantic locations to get married. Lakeland is also home to stunning indoor wedding venues, so there’s something for everyone!

Here are the 15 best Lakeland wedding venues!

Town Manor On The Lake

To get the true Lakeland wedding experience, you might as well get married in front of a lake!

Town Manor on the Lake is a stunning wedding venue that offers complete decadence and beautiful views – from detailed all-inclusive wedding plans to a ceremony held right on the waterfront. If you’ve ever pictured getting married in front of a lake at sunset, this is the venue for you. 

Wishing Well Barn

Wishing Well Barn is the ideal location for those looking for a rustic wedding venue. A fully working cattle ranch, this barn features some of the most authentic rustic aesthetics possible.

Pair the well-kept picturesque barn with ivory chairs and tables, be served by world class servers, and finish the night sitting around the bonfire with your guests. Plus, based in Plant City, this barn is only 20 minutes from Lakeland. 

The Sommer Building

Not looking for an outdoor wedding venue? Check out The Sommer Building, a sit-down dinner venue suitable for up to 150 guests. This means you can get married and enjoy the reception in the comfort of the same venue, which is far less hassle than relocating to another venue.

Lovingly restored, The Sommer Building features bright rooms that can be decorated to your liking.

Rocking H Ranch

Hidden on the outskirts of Lakeland is Rocking H Ranch that offers a variety of gorgeous wedding venues, including on the grounds of the ranch or inside the air-conditioned barn itself.

This ranch specializes in outdoor wedding venues with the option of the barn as a backup (weather permitting), and with over 100 acres of possible venue spots, there’s something for everyone. 

Oak-K Farm

Source: Oak-K Farm

Oak-K Farm offers a variety of wedding venue options, catering towards couples who want a rustic, shabby-chic day in the barn or a decadent and modern outdoor wedding.

The Honeymoon Suite is the real standout feature of this venue – featuring a large hardwood and cypress loft fit for royalty. Not to mention the breathtaking views of the pastures and nearby woods. 

United Women’s Club Of Lakeland

Not everyone wants an all-inclusive wedding. If you simply want a venue to put your own decorations and food in, check out the United Women’s Club of Lakeland!

With both indoor and outdoor venues available, the UWCL is simple yet effective. Plus, the grounds are the perfect setting for photos, particularly the clear lake with surrounding greenery. 

Music Ranch

Source: Music Ranch

 Music Ranch, as the name suggests, is the ideal venue for the music lovers. The ranch is home to live music and local musicians, but it’s also used as a location for weddings. Depending on your decorations, the ranch can be transformed into a shabby chic venue or a rustic venue that celebrates all things music.

Plus, if you’ve booked a band (or your partner is a budding musician), Music Ranch has all the technical equipment ready at hand!

Schalamar Creek Golf & Country Club

Schalamar Creek is one of Florida’s best golf clubs, making it the ideal venue for sports lovers.

Not only does Schalamar Creek offer a multitude of facilities (including golf courses, a swimming pool, and tennis courts), but the country club is huge and offers breathtaking views of the never-ending sky, woodland outskirts, and a gorgeous lake. Everything about Schalamar Creek screams exclusivity and royalty. 

Serenity Horse Stables

There’s a reason rustic wedding venues are so popular. Serenity Horse Stables offers everything and more to the countryside lovers who want a natural, authentic, and breathtaking wedding experience.

You’ve got an abundance of places to choose from to hold the ceremony outdoors, not to mention the photo opportunities with the resident horses. Plus, some of the profit goes straight to the wellbeing of the rescue horses and other animals. 

The Terrace Hotel

If you’re looking for decadence, check out the Terrace Hotel. This was Lakeland’s first grand hotel that opened in 1924 and was recently renovated to enhance the art deco features.

The Terrace Hotel screams elegance, from its classic marble arches to the tall ceilings and large rooms. This place is huge, so you can hold both the ceremony and reception here. 

 The Club At Eaglebrooke

Source: Eaglebrooke

This club is a full serviced and semi-private venue that provides high-standard golf courses, dining experiences, and wedding ceremonies and receptions.

The Club at Eaglebrooke is home to gorgeous indoor and outdoor wedding venues, including views of a stunning lake and the surrounding woodland areas for the perfect photo opportunity. Plus, this club can cater up to 200 guests. 

Sackett Ranch

Sackett Ranch started in 2008 purely as a cattle ranch and has since become a popular wedding, reception, fundraiser, and party venue.

The barn isn’t like other ranches – the interior is made of white woods and pale oak, making it the perfect venue for those who want a simple and ivory aesthetic. This beautifully contrasts with the classic red barn exterior, which is ideal for pictures. The ranch also offers an outdoor ceremony venue. 

Haus 820

Source: Haus 820

While this venue might not be located amongst lakes and wilderness, Haus 820 is one of Florida’s best renovated warehouses that is the perfect place for a large wedding.

The warehouse acts like a blank canvas that allows you to create the interior however you like, so you don’t have to worry about clashing themes (for example, a modern colorful wedding held in a contrasting barn). 

SUN ‘N FUN Expo Campus

If you’re looking for a unique and fun venue to get married at, check out SUN ‘n Fun! This place is most famously known for its annual Aerospace Expo, which makes this the best venue for couples who love planes and all things aerospace.

They also offer onsite camping, boardrooms, and clubhouses – all of which are ideal for a wedding reception. 

Venue 98

Source: Wedding Wire

Last but not least, Venue 98 is the best wedding venue for small gatherings. If you’re just wanting a contemporary venue for an intimate gathering of family and close friends, Venue 98 is well-equipped to host an elegant and modern wedding ceremony and reception.

The color palette is totally neutral, allowing you to customize the theme of your wedding without any clashes.