10 Best Pens For Wedding Guest Book

Many details have to be considered when planning a wedding and one of the most important components to the Big Day is ensuring that you have a beautiful guest book for your guests to write in their wishes for the happy couple.

However, ensuring that you purchase a beautiful pen or set of pens that accompany the book will mean that your guests don’t have to fumble for a pen and can have the convenience of not having to bring their pen.

However, with so many different choices of pens on the market, you want to make sure that the pen you purchase will be able to last for a long period and will be able to dry immediately to prevent any smearing.

Lucky for you, we have gathered the top ten best pens that you should consider for your wedding guest book so you don’t have to be overwhelmed by the variety of choices on the market.

Here are the top ten best pens for a wedding guest book that you should consider:


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Our first recommendation is the RUTICH Hollow Round Pen Holder Signing Pen Set which is incredibly easy to use as you simply twirl the pen to write and then twirl it the other way around to close it meaning that you don’t have to worry about the pen drying out so it will last the whole day.

The quality of the pen is 100% guaranteed meaning that it can withstand a lot of use without affecting the performance and results.

This pen also comes with a hollow round-shaped pen holder which helps to provide a delicate and special appearance that will suit any wedding aesthetic.

What makes this pen our top pick is that the pen can be rotated on the 360-degree base which makes it highly convenient and durable and the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use.

The design of the pen is lightweight and the extra comfort means that you will always be guaranteed to have a smooth and precise writing performance with ease. 


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Our second selection is the Herisa 4 Pcs Big Crystal Diamond Pen which features a lovely design thanks to the shiny crystal diamond that is attached to the top of each metal ballpoint pen which is sure to add to the beautiful interior design that you have arranged for your wedding.

These pens feature a low viscosity of black ink which ensures that no dry spots are resulting in a smooth and great writing experience, even when being used consistently throughout the day.

This set is ideal for those having large weddings as it comes with four colored pens so you can be assured that they won’t run out of ink as well as four extra refills meaning that your guests can write to their heart’s content.

This pen makes for a brilliant gift that makes it ideal for use at weddings as the subtle sparkly details will fit in with any style of wedding. Whether you want to use all four or just one of them, the colors available mean that you can choose the ones that suit your color scheme perfectly. 

Herisa guarantees the quality of their products and ensure that you will get your money back if you are not satisfied with the quality of the pens meaning that you can be assured of the performance and results. 


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Our third choice is the Simplicity Silver Guest Sign In Pen and Pen Stand Set which comes with a ballpoint pen with black ink with an accompanying clear crystal clear pen stand that will look great for any wedding.

The attractive design of the pen and matching stand adds elegance to any guest signing-in table while the pen can withstand a lot of use meaning that it is ideal for those who are hosting larger weddings with a lot of guests.

This pen and stand set can be used for a wide variety of events as well as regular office use so you can get even more use out of it after your wedding without the quality of performance suffering.

The design of the guest book pen is extremely lightweight and allows for a smooth and comfortable writing experience without any smudging thanks to the quick-dryingareink which ensures that the writing is clear the pen is enjoyable to use. 


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Our fourth recommendation is the PASISIBICK Silver Pens which feature a beautiful white crystal and stone decoration in the center of the pen which gives it a beautiful and elegant appearance and is great for those with metallic-based color schemes.

The pens are made from highly metallic brass and silver metal and operate via a twist-action to open and revolve the pen with ease so you don’t have to worry about the pen drying out as the day goes on.

The options to replace the ink with refills mean that these pens can be used for future use. The smooth ink also dries very quickly without leaving any dry spots.

Great for large weddings, these pens come as a pack of three silver pens that are 5.6 inches in length. Perfect for weddings, you can use these pens for other events as well as office work and daily use so you can get even more use from the pen for your money. 


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Our fifth selection is the Gold Pen with Gold Cap adds a sleek appearance to any wedding thanks to its subtle sparkle making it perfect for those who want to add a classy appearance to their guest book table.

Great for events such as weddings, this pen can be used for everyday life as well-meaning that you will even get more for your money.

This pen will suit any color scheme thanks to its simple golden appearance meaning that it will immediately add a touch of elegance to any reception.

This pen comes in a beautiful gift box which adds a classy and special touch to your big day while the ergonomic design of the pen itself makes it enjoyable and smooth to write with.

The cap easily comes on and off making it convenient and will ensure that the ink won’t dry out throughout the day thanks to the long-lasting performance of the pen itself. 


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Our sixth choice is the Jevou Hollow Round Pen Holder Signing Pen Set which boasts a hollow round shape that makes it lightweight and comfortable to use resulting in a smooth writing experience.

The delicate appearance adds a touch of elegance to the signing-in table and the pen can be rotated on the stand for the full 360-degrees making it highly durable and convenient for guests to use throughout the big day.

This pen and stand set is a beautiful golden color that will fit in with any wedding reception aesthetic. The alloy pen material is highly durable while ensuring that it is comfortable to use.

The matching stand gives it a consistent appearance and helps to enhance the romantic vibes that is consistent with the rest of your wedding reception theming. 


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Our seventh recommendation is the EBTOYS Vintage Burlap Wedding Reception Guest Pen with Stand which is particularly suitable for those who are getting married in a rustic setting or want to incorporate a vintage vibe to their big day.

This pen stand is covered in burlap and has two wooden hearts and twine added to it for extra romance. The natural color scheme allows this pen and stand to fit in with the majority of color schemes so you can be assured that it will look consistent with the rest of your reception.

The pen has an ergonomic design that allows for a smooth and comfortable writing experience while the stand allows the pen to remain upright when not in use making it accessible for guests who want to write their message to the special couple.

This set is the perfect choice for those who want to add to the romantic atmosphere for their big day and can be kept as a beautiful ornament after the wedding which means that you can get even more use out of it. 


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Our eighth selection is the SPICE OF LIFE Feather Quill Pen & Stand Holder which has a classic appearance but the classic ballpoint pen comes with a modern function which is the perfect mix of vintage and modern appearance to bring nostalgic and enchanting vibes.

The quill part of the pen is made from genuine feathers which are soft to the touch and make the pen comfortable to use. This pen comes with its own stand that makes it great for adding an alluring vintage appearance to any signing-in table at your wedding reception.

This set comes in a variety of different color choices meaning that you can choose the perfect one to suit your color scheme.

Whether you are going for a seasonal winter wedding or want to have warmer color tones, you can choose the set that is going to look the best at your reception so the theme is consistent and elegant throughout. 


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Our penultimate choice is the 2 Pieces Hollow Round Pen Holder Signing Pen Set which is made from quality materials that are not made to easily break or deform as they are strong and durable meaning that you can get lots of use out of them.

The refill is filled with black ink that is smooth and provides a comfortable writing experience.

The pen holder is highly convenient to use meaning that it can fit on your signing-in table with ease while the pen will always be kept upright and in a clearly accessible position for guests wanting to write in their wishes to the happy couple.

This pen and pen holder has a 360-degree rotation comes as a package with two round signing pens that can be rotated easily so you can adjust the direction of your writing with ease according to what is comfortable for you.

The lightweight and ergonomic design allow for a smooth and precise writing performance which is great for those who have a large number of guests invited to celebrate their big day.


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Our final recommendation is the NUOLUX Signing Pen with Metal Love Holder which comes as a beautiful matching set that will look appealing for any wedding reception.

The pen is 6.3 inches in length and boasts an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable to hold while the ink itself dries quickly to reduce any dry spots as well as being long-lasting so those who are inviting a large number of guests won’t have to worry about the pen running out of ink.

For those who want to set up their signing-in table with as much beautiful decoration that fits in with any style of the wedding reception as the metal love holder also acts as a beautiful ornament for those who want to add that extra bit of romance to their big day. 


Overall, purchasing a pen that is going to suit your wedding reception is the best way to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your choice.

Always consider the amount of guests you will have so you can know whether to purchase a pen that can easily be refilled or a set of multiple pens in case the first one runs out. 

The last thing you want is a pen that runs out of ink early on in the day and having your guests fumbling through their belongings for a pen to write their well wishes to the happy couple.