10 Best Ring Bearer Gifts

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful and important decisions you will have to make in your life. You’ve got the dress or the suit to choose from, you’ll be paying for a lot of dinners, and you’re desperate to make sure your venue won’t cancel.

It almost feels like buying a present for a ring bearer shouldn’t be much of an inconvenience compared to your other troubles, but the problem is, what do you buy for a ring bearer?

Sure, you could go for a generic gift like a bottle of wine, but ring bearers can range greatly in age. Your ring bearer could be a 3-year-old, where a bottle of alcohol probably isn’t the best gift.

Plus, will you want the ring bearer to use the gift at the ceremony, or will you give it to them afterwards? So many decisions and such little time!

Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. We have compiled a list of the 10 best ring bearer gifts for every ring bearer possibility out there - whether your ring bearer is 8 or 80 years old. Let’s get started!


Tickle & Main Ring Bearer Gift Set, includes Book, Badge, and Wedding Ring Security Briefcase

This is certainly one of the most entertaining ring bearer gifts for young boys. If you’ve chosen your son, nephew, godson, or friend’s child as your ring bearer, you’ll want to make them feel special in their pivotal role. This ring bearer set will help towards that - not to mention how hilarious it is for adults.

This set comes with a ring security briefcase to hold the highly valuable ring, a toy security badge to make the ring bearer feel important, and a storybook that depicts illustrations of a boy receiving his role of Head of Ring Security and how he completes his mission. The book is a lovely personal touch that the ring bearer can read before the wedding.

If you’re not worried about having a bit of fun down the aisle, this is a brilliant and adorable set that will make your guests chuckle and your ring bearer feel special.


  • Good value for money - Three objects in one set
  • Hilarious for guests - As the ring bearer walks down the aisle, it will put a smile on everyone’s face
  • Special keepsakes - Ring bearer will want to keep the objects, especially the book, afterwards


  • Case smell - Reviews have mentioned the ring case smells like spray paint, so make sure to air it out first


My Personal Memories Custom Personalized Baseball for Ring Bearers Groomsmen Coach - Monogrammed and Engraved

Whether your ring bearer is a child or an adult, this gift can be suitable for anyone of any age.

This is a personalized baseball that provides the buyer with a free personalized engraving to mark the name of the ring bearer (or perhaps a nickname or inside joke) alongside the date of the wedding.

It’s certainly the ideal gift for the ring bearers who love baseball, or perhaps if your wedding has a baseball theme. It might not be the biggest gift you can get, but if your ring bearer has insisted on receiving no gifts, this is a lovely little keepsake that they will treasure forever.

What’s more, this personalized baseball ships within 1-3 days (ideal for those last-minute gift purchases just days before the wedding!) and resembles a similar quality to actual baseballs.


  • Personalized touch - Custom design provides a personal touch to the gift
  • Versatile - Suitable for ring bearers of all ages and genders
  • Not just for ring bearers - Custom design means this can be a good gift for any role in the wedding


  • Specific font - Buyers must email the manufacturer for specific font or they are given an automatic font


The Best Ever Ring Bearer: All the Best Things About Being in a Wedding (A Special Gift for a Ring Bearer Proposal and to Prepare Him for a Spring or Summer Wedding)

Picture this: you’re getting ready to ask your son/nephew/godson/other kid to be your ring bearer. You know that this is a big question to ask and you want him to feel special enough to be invited as part of the wedding roles.

What’s the best way to ask someone to be your ring bearer and help them prepare for the role at the same time? A book, of course!

The Best Ever Ring Bearer book is one of the sweetest and most informative books about the importance of being a ring bearer. It doesn’t make the child feel too overwhelmed to accept the role - instead, it’ll make them excited to be a part of your special day. Plus, it’s a lovely keepsake for him to own forever.

Also, if your chosen ring bearer is a bookworm, this is a thoughtful gift that he will use and love time and time again.


  • Teaches child about the role - Illustrations easily lay out the rules of being a ring bearer so the role isn’t so overwhelming
  • Lovely keepsake - Will stay on their bookshelf for years
  • Proposal gift - Lovely way to propose the role of ring bearer to the kid


  • Age suitability - This book is best for 4-6 year olds, as some older kids might find it childish


Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Sunglass Set | Girl and Boy Ring Security Proposal | Wedding Party Gift …

If you’ve got both of your kids playing the role of ring bearer and flower girl (or perhaps your niece and nephew), buying them matching gifts is an adorable way to make them both feel important in their respective roles.

The ring bearer glasses are in black with “ring bearer” written on the side, while the flower girl glasses are pink with “flower girl” written on them.

Sure, it might not be the most traditional accessory for a wedding, but picture the kids walking down the aisle with these sunglasses on. Adorable and hilarious.

Plus, these sunglasses actually work as sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection.


  • Matching set - Makes the flower girl and ring bearer look connected
  • Sense of importance - Will provide a sense of importance to the respective roles
  • Funny - Hilarious for the wedding guests to look at


  • Age suitability - Designed for kids aged 2-9, this set is only suitable for kids of a similar age


Ring Bearer Gifts Ring Bearer Proposal Puzzle

If you’re searching for the perfect gift to propose the role of ring bearer to your son/nephew/godson/insert-child’s-name-here, then look no further. This is a fun puzzle to provide to your ring bearer of choice. Picture their reactions when they fix together the puzzle to be asked the important question: will you be our ring bearer?

Now, this isn’t the most complicated puzzle in the world, so an adult or older child might find this puzzle a bit too easy. A younger kid, however, might genuinely enjoy the challenge - not to mention the benefits of providing a preschooler or kindergartener with a gift that helps their fine motor skills.


  • Fun challenge - Great for young, preschool-aged ring bearers
  • Adorable to watch - Opportunity to film their reactions when they finish the puzzle
  • Good quality - Professionally printed and won’t fall apart


  • Not a permanent gift - More of a once-in-a-lifetime proposal gift rather than something the ring bearer can use at the wedding


The Crafty Engineer Ring Bearer Tumbler with Straw - Unique Ring Bearer Proposal Gift - Ideal Ring Bearer Gift for Little Boys - (Ring Bearer (Engraved))

If you want to give your ring bearer a gift that they will use for a long time, check out this great tumbler with straw. This gift comes with “ring bearer” engraved in a silver font on the matte black tumbler, making it a seriously cool gift for a seriously cool ring bearer.

It also comes in a variety of other colors for flower girls, if you’re looking for a flower girl gift, too.

The best thing about this gift is that the ring bearer will use it a lot. If you give it to them at the wedding reception, they will drink out of it the entire evening to make sure people know who they are. Oh, you’ve seen my cup? Yeah, I’m the ring bearer. No paps, please.


  • Great quality - Stainless steel, rust resistant, and laser engraved tumbler
  • Eco-friendly - Comes with washable straw 
  • Will be used - Can be used again and again


  • Not scratch resistant - Tumbler has a matte black finish that could scratch


Personalized Custom Football Wedding Gift, Groomsman, Best Man, Bridesmaid, Ring Bearer Keepsake Gift (Ring Bearer)

If you’ve chosen an adult ring bearer, you might be rolling your eyes at most of the gifts we have recommended thus far. However, this might be exactly what you’re looking for.

This personalized mini football is the ideal gift for a ring bearer who loves sports. You can choose whatever is written on the football, whether it’s simply their name and the date of the wedding or a rude inside joke.

Not only does this gift have a personal touch, but it is also a nice keepsake that can be put on a shelf after the wedding. Just keep in mind that this is a mini 9” football, not a real life replica!


  • Personal touch - Custom design can be personalized to your liking
  • Keepsake - Can be placed on a shelf after the wedding next to a photo from the special day
  • Can be for anyone - Suitable for ring bearer, best man, maid of honor, father or mother of the bride, etc.


  • Not life size - Don’t expect a life size football replica!


Ring Bearer Bowtie Shirt - Funny Ring Bearer Shirt T-Shirt

Nothing says “I am the ring bearer” than a t- shirt that literally says “ring bearer” all over it. Best thing about this t-shirt is that everyone can enjoy it.

Sure, the ring bearer will feel a sense of importance when they wear it. It might not be appropriate for the wedding itself, but it’s a great outfit for the wedding reception.

The guests will find this t-shirt hilarious and adorable due to the “rules” of the ring bearer role listed on the front (the pictures say it all!). It’s something that everyone can enjoy reading, plus it means that the ring bearer won’t risk getting food down his shirt or tux at the wedding reception.

This t-shirt comes in a variety of colors and is made of 100% cotton, plus the sizing is accurate.


  • Good for the reception - Nice for the ring bearer to wear to eat food and dance
  • Funny - Novelty gift for both the ring bearer and for the guests
  • Memorable keepsake - Lovely gift for the ring bearer to keep for years


  • Aesthetic - Doesn’t fit the aesthetic of a traditional wedding


Born to Love Boys Kids Pre Tied Adjustable Bowtie Easter Holiday Party Dress Up 4 Inches Gray Chambray Linen Bow Tie

This gift isn’t exactly specific to the role of ring bearer, but it still deserves a place on our list because it is the ideal gift for a ring bearer to wear on the special day.

You can choose the bow tie out of a variety of colors and patterns, which is great if you want one to match the theme. Plus, he can keep the bow tie and wear it again and again for other special occasions.

The best part? This isn’t a clip-on tie, which can be a safety hazard so close to a child’s neck. Instead, this pre-tied tie can be easily adjusted at the back of the tie to fit the child’s neck perfectly. Great for children of various ages depending on the size you buy!


  • Suitable for varying ages - Small, medium, and large sizes are good for kids aged from 0-8+
  • Adjustable - Can be easily adjusted to fit comfortably
  • Usable - Child can use the bow tie for other special occasions


  • Not specific - Not entirely specific to the role of ring bearer


What’s the best gift for a ring bearer? Well, a teddy (ring) bear(er), of course! As most ring bearers are young kids, who are the perfect demographic for teddy bears, it only makes sense to give them a cuddly toy as a gift.

This is a soft ivory teddy bear that comes with a t- shirt that can be customized to suit the owner - so for a ring bearer, the t-shirt can show their name and the role to the wedding.

This gift can be given as a proposal to the ring bearer or as a thank-you gift after the wedding. Plus, it’s a teddy bear, so the kid is likely to keep it for years to come.


  • Personal touch - Customized design means you can write whatever you like on the t shirt
  • Suitable for kids - Great for kids who love cuddly toys
  • Long lasting keepsake - Will be kept for years


  • Limited colors - Teddy bear only comes in ivory and t shirts only in white with black or pink font

Best Ring Bearer Gifts Buying Guide

How To Choose A Gift For A Ring Bearer

The most important thing to remember about choosing a gift for a ring bearer is to relax. There’s an abundance of gift options out there, so just ask yourself the following questions:

  • How old is the ring bearer?
  • What are their interests?
  • Will they use this gift more than once, or will it go to waste?
  • Do I want them to wear/use this gift at the wedding?

As most ring bearers are young kids, there’s a multitude of child-related gifts available for a young ring bearer. Your special day will become their special day in the role you have given them, so you’ll want to give them a sense of importance with an appropriate gift that reminds them of the role they have been given.

You’ve also got to think about when you’re going to give them their gift. Is the gift intended as a proposal for the role of ring bearer, or will you give it to them after the wedding? Do you want them to wear or use the gift at the wedding ceremony or reception?

If your ring bearer is an adult, you can afford to be more relaxed about the type of gift you give them. Odds are, they’ll be happy with a bottle of wine. A personalized whiskey set might be a good option for those who aren’t fussed about a gift!

Best Ring Bearer Gifts - FAQ's

What is the average age of a ring bearer?

The average age of a ring bearer is between the ages of 4-10, however, these ages shouldn’t be considered a guideline for choosing a ring bearer. It’s your wedding, after all, so whether you want your 1-year-old son to be your ring bearer or your 65-year-old father, it’s your decision!

The main reason the average age of a ring bearer is between 4 and 10 is to get young boys involved in the wedding. The role of a ring bearer is typically a male one, while the role of flower girl is a female one, so it’s nice to get boys equally involved as the girls.

Does the ring bearer give the rings to the best man?

Generally (and traditionally) speaking, the ring bearer will follow the last bridesmaid (before the flower girls) with the rings placed on a pillow or box.

He will then give the rings to the best man, who then gives the rings to the bride and groom. This is why not all weddings will have a ring bearer, so the best man will walk down the aisle with the rings as well.